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passed the first hurdle!

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everyone who sat their level 2 written test with me got their results, but nothing for me. Damn! Did I fail?!
So I emailed PSIA, and it turned out they sent my results to PSIA Eastern, my old division. Huh.
I got 93 out of 100, and considering I didn't manage to prepare for the test, I guess that's OK. Bob's Book was invaluable.

now to face up to the hard bit, the on snow stuff! That'll be at Winter Park in April.
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Talk to Tabitha. She passed with flying colors. She should be able to give you a fresh perspective on both the teaching portion and the "on snow".
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Way to go Ant...

I'm still waiting for my scores.. I called our PSIA office and they tell me the paperwork had to go to the President's office to get signed. That's what our hold up is...

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Way to go Ant! Keep up the good work and you'll breze right through the skiing portion.
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: Remember the "OTA" concept!

Keep the examiner at "Optimum Tanning Angle"
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Good job, Ant! Where will you go for the on-snow exam?

Let me know if I can help....

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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ho, Rusty, I'm picking the brains of all of those smarty-pants's with their shiny new silver badges on. New ones appear weekly! No one's failed yet, from here. We have a very good trainer, he's from NZ and insists on teaching us NZ level 2 stuff (also Oz level 2), including one footed skiing. I think the rigour is helping. Our ski school director has been giving us little demo clinics also, and I must say they have been extremely helpful. Wedge christies now feel strong and natural...I don't get that twisty feeling any more!

OK, what's this Optimal Tanning Angle?????!

Well Bob, if you have a spare day sometime before April 8th, I'd sure love to pick your brains....I'm going to Winter Park 8th and 9th (I think that's the dates). A mate here has a car. So I'm going with him. They have snow, I've heard!

I'm dead keen to get this level 2. As a foreigner, it's very important for visa purposes. It allows you a better choice of resorts, and work within those resorts. This season has made me realise just how important these things are...

The best thing I learned at the written test was, however, the pole-shaft-tip thing! I managed to floor the old guys in the locker room with that one. Success!
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OTA varies mountain to mountain and season to season.

As you stop your "imaginary class" to give direction and demo stuff, always make sure that the examiner is positioned into the sun to get the maximum tanning benefit/catching rays.
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what is pole shaft tip thingie?

Ps. Congrats on the written part. I got a 96 on it two years ago and sweated bullets studying for it.

where are you teaching now?
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Ah ha! The pole shaft tip thingy was my favourite bit in the exam. Somebody had peppered the exam with jokes! I wonder if anyone ever chooses "gliding wedge" for the question about knee joints?

Well, in the question about closing a lesson, one option was for you to say "remember, a ski pole has a shaft and a tip. which do you want to give me?"
The old guys in teh locker room are always trying to top each other with audacious ideas for prompting tips. But that one is so far the winner!

I'd have liked to have studied, but didn't have the books, except Bob's Book. I read bits of that while eating breakfast. Yes, there is coffee on it already, dagnabbit.
But I do have a very good classics/literature/philosophy degree, so riffling through the books was not too hard, and exam strategy was an unwritten subject at my school.
I'm pretty sure I got the learning styles question wrong...

I'm at Keystone this season.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by ant:
We have a very good trainer, he's from NZ and insists on teaching us NZ level 2 stuff (also Oz level 2), including one footed skiing.

ant - is that Garret Shore? He's been working at Keystone and doing a bit of teaching there. Great guy. He runs courses at Treble Cone that I have been wanting to go on.
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yup, Garrett it is. He's a good trainer, although how much of it is PSIA I'm not sure! but he's done wonders for everyone's skiing. And no one complains about MY accent when he's about.
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it is a small world isn't it..........

He runs the rookie school back here. You can do courses in Wanaka at Treble Cone, and the cost includes accomodation, transport etc.

they are becoming quite popular
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Yeah, we hear quite a bit of the gossip about the Rookie Academy! A lot of people here have done it, there seems to be some kind of partnership between Keystone and the Academy.

I can now ski on one leg...kind-of. The Americans faint in horror to hear that this is a level 2 task in Oz and NZ.

I haven't told them that one-legged moguls is a level 3 task...

Meanwhile, working out that the "hup" we are using is actually the thing to which our legs are attached is mildly amusing (cheap Kiwi accent joke).
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I get the 'hup' joke

I was in Wanaka at Easter, they got their first significant fall of snow up high, brought a definite chill to the air. The autumn colours were looking great, our turn is coming down under for winter.
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