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Brad - I too am looking for the top straps for Superhots. I've bought several pairs of them on eBay just for the straps but they didn't last (age embrittlement?). Like the boots so much I'm skiing on my original pair but using hose clamps. Any help would be appreciated!
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scott boots 006.jpg

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Wharf Rat,

I got these straps from a company called M2 Inc. in Winooski VT. Used them for a retro day at Ski Butternut in Ma. I used an awl to put the original pin in the strap for the back of the boot. The straps worked great.

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scott boots 006.jpg

What is the LL on the far ski? Oh, be very careful with the 727's, they are know to explode....hell The Ski and the Scotts are also know to explode too. popcorn.gif


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There was a Scott boot we used to compete in (freestyle) that was all hard-shell (no rubber cuff) and taller than these pix. It flared out at the top. I loved those boots. Called the Pro or Comp I think. Anyone have a pic of those?

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Mastersracer thought you might know the answer to my question; will a Scott boot "medium shell" with an A upper work with a Scott "large shell" B upper? I still ski Scott boots and have noticed a crack at the lower back of the upper. Any help with this would be appreciated.



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