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After all the advice I decided to make a list of three choices (all with faster lens and less tele) and let my wife surprise me. She picked the Sony WX5. I'll let you know how I like it after using it for a few weeks.

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The Sony WX5 is a high end Point and Shoot. It is very small, very portable and very easy to use. Fits easily in a shirt pocket. The features, programs and buttons are easy to use and understand. I used it indoors for holiday pictures and it performed well with the small flash on the camera and with a slave flash added. Features like the smile detection feature were amazing. Low light indoor shots on a tripod were better than expected. I did not have experience with a camera with the new low light technology and I was impressed with the results.

Due to clouds and snow I only took a few shots outdoors during my recent trip. There were no problems and the few snapshots were better than expected considering the light conditions. The processing software included with the camera was easy to use and improved the overall results. This is clearly not a camera for taking artistic shots to blow up into large prints but for recording the activities of a family with pictures of a size normally found around the house it works great. My guess is most people will get more good shots with the WX5 than a more capable and more complex DSLR. It certainly was more convenient.

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canon G11, small but not exactly point and shoot. superb control and IQ, robust build. viewfinder.$500

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I was looking for a point and shoot that was pocket-sized but could take a beating and be waterproof so I wouldn't have to worry about it skiing, hiking, at the beach, etc.  I tend to be fairly rough on things.


Having had a very positive with the Panasonic DMC-FZ28 that I picked up a couple years ago, I decided to try the TS2, and have been very pleased with it thus far.  The interface it very intuitive, it shoots good video and stills, it fits in my pocket, and it can take a beating.  I'm no pro photographer so I can't speak to it's technical merits, but for taking everyday shots of the family and shooting some video (in HD if desired), it's been great thus far.

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I tend not to recommend the G11 to people nowadays, because I feel that at this size and price range, they are much better off with a micro43 camera such as Olympus EPL1/2 or Panasonic GF2, both will give vastly better IQ than G11.  Actually, a Panasonic LX5 will work just as well as G11, is smaller, has a more useful zoom range, and produces better images at higher ISO.   Canon G series was leading the market about 4-5 years ago, and Canon have been steadily loosing that edge because they refused to put in a larger sensor to protect their Rebel SLR lineup. The only feature that distinguished G11 is the viewfinder and it is pretty much garbage (tiny and dim).  


There is an upcoming Olympus high end point and shoot that looks VERY good, better than LX5, but time will tell. 



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canon G11, small but not exactly point and shoot. superb control and IQ, robust build. viewfinder.$500

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If you want waterproof and shockproof, there are no better alternatives to TS2.  

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So what's the smallest point-shoot with an optical viewfinder?

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alexzn is on the right track, a micro 4/3 is the best option for quality in a smallish size. Also, an optical viewfinder isn't absolutely necessary. What is essential is a good knowledge of how to achieve the correct exposure. Learn to shoot in anything but Auto and you can make great shots with most of the camera's currently available. 


Here's a shot from this past weekend with a Panasonic GF1 with a 1.7/20mm lens.  This camera takes some absolutely stunning photos. It's what I take skiing 9 times out 10. The Canon 7d comes out the rest of the time which requires wearing a backpack.  



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I think the 20 f1.7 is a gem of a lens. I have it on my Olympus E-P1.  For a bit of camera porn, here is the picture of the full package (with the old-school  Voigtlander OVF in top).  This is the camera I use for 95% of the time.  


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A small point and shoot with an OVF is going to have a VERY crappy OVF, you dont get something for nothing, size and quality are usually mutually exclusive in photo gear.  If you need a small point and shoot, get the Canon S95 (or the new upcoming Olympus ZX1 which is going to be a killer camera).  


BTW, the new Olympus point and shoot will take the external Olympus EVF, which is amazing (but big). 

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So what's the smallest point-shoot with an optical viewfinder?


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Give me a "small crappy" viewfinder any day over one of those LCD screens which are useless on a bright day.  Better crappy than invisible.

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Casio High Speed EXILIM EX-FC100 

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camcorderinfo offers good reviews.


Check these out:


Panasonic' latest TM and HS editions are great. Get them used for better pricing.

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