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First pair of Ski's

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Hi Guys,


I am looking to buy my first pair of Skis smile.gif (at last!)


I am an advanced and fairly aggressive skier who will normally spend 50% on piste and 50% off piste and in the park. I am leading towards the Atomic Snoop 2010, Atomic Access 2011, Salomon Suspect 2011 and the Line Chronic Cryptonite 2010.


I have no doubt that these ski's would do me fine off piste and in the park. However on piste, doing blacks and mogels with short turns i am not shore how good they would be?


Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated.




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I actually posted this on another thread.  "It always amazes me that people want to find one ski that does everything well, it just doesn't exist".  What you need to do is be honest with yourself and answer the question, "what do I really want this ski to preform well in"?  Than find the skis that does what you do the most of best.  Than look for the compromises that you can live with.  Buying skis is always a compromise, so trying to find one that is good in the park, good off piste and good on piste just doesn't exist and if the salesperson tells you differently it's probably because they need to move inventory. 

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K2 Extreme is probably the most popular park, piste, bumps, and part time powder ski.  What you got for boots?

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