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Where to ski in the Alps

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hey everyone, I am going to europe this winter and was planning on putting a few days of skiing in, I will be staying in Marseille, what are some good resorts thatare not too far.  I will be going in december so I am not sure how much snow there will be. so maybe a high altitude resort is the way to go. Thanks

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Val Thorens is not that far away. Well at least it is still in France.. As it is pretty far up, you can count on sufficent snow. It is very good for skiing itself, but the village is just very functional. You can not compare what it looks like to the traditional farmer-villages you might know from the alps. But for a few days of skiing it seems just fine to me.

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I'd say Les Deux Alpes is another good option and slightly closer than Val Thorens, there's a glacier at the top too so guaranteed sliding and if you're up to it the lift system links across the glacier to La Grave - don't do that without a guide though!

According to Google maps:

Marseille to Val Thorens 4 hours 40 minutes (448km)

Marseille to Les Deux Alpes 3 hours 42 (288km)

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The nearest are probably the resorts around Briançon. Serre Chevalier is the "largest single resort" in Europe (their brag). Montgenevre is a compact traditional resort on the Milky Way (400kms of slopes skiing cross border into Italy). Puy St Vincent is a lovely small resort, ideal for a day or the weekend, but maybe a bit limited for the week. Further up the valley, you have La Grave which is one big un-pisted mountain - The true off-piste paradise. Further on still you get to Les Deux Alpes: Modern, young, big and brash with some great skiing. After that it's Alpe-d'huez. Another big modern French resort. I haven't skied it, but it is supposed to be good. 


When you a buy a week's lift pass in Montgenevre you get a free day's skiing in: The Milky Way (Sauze d'Oux, Sestriere, Sansicario), Serre Chevalier, Puy Saint Vincent, Les Deux Alpes, Ales D'Huez and Bardonnechia. I know that a lot of this is reciprocal so would be very similar if you bought the pass in Serre Chevalier or Deux Alpes etc. So if you're driving, for the price of one ski pass you can experience a different resort every day. 


It's about 3 hours to Briançon / Serre Chevalier / Puy Saint Vincent and Montgenevre from Marseilles. In December I recommend you go High, as snow cover isn't guaranteed.


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If you don't have a car, then take the TGV to Lyon, and from there you can go up to Moutiers (for Val Thorens) or Bourg St Maurice for Les Arcs and Espace Killy. Espace Killy opens on the last weekend in November, and Tignes already has good skiing, so that might be an option for you.

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Volf has the right idea. I would choose either Serre Chevalier or Montgenevre. It has been snowing recently in Montgenevre and the resort is ready to open this weekend. It's looks really good already - I drove through the other day.


If you are planning your trip a little later in December I would recommend Serre Chevalier due to the size and range of pistes available.


Don't get a TGV to Lyon! You can catch the train from Marseille all the way through to Briancon in a couple of hours. From here you can find a nice apartment hotel or residence etc. It's not too pricey in Briancon and the local bus links to the valley of Serre Che (there are also lifts in Briancon that link to Serre Che.


Hope this helps.


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Within reasonable distance



Pra Loup



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