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waist width

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am i correct in thinking that waist width is relative to ski length; which is determined by skier height and weight?

i'm 5'6" and 158lbs. and an advanced to low level expert eastern skier.  to be more specific, i don't ski bumps (bad knee) but can handle just about anything that most of what the east has.

currently, i'm on stockli spirit pro's in 155 and they're great, but want another ski that's a bit more versatile.  so far, i know just what the magazines say are decent, like the atomic smoke and rossi avenger 82 and 76.  i'm looking for 162-165 in length.


the question is should i eliminate the 82 waist in a short length due to my size?  all things being relative, would a narrower waist be more than sufficient for some soft snow and crud and maybe a little eastern powder every now and then?  also, are there any other skis any of you can recommend?  by the way, i'll be demo'ing before i buy; just doing some research.  thanks.

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Waist width is not to be viewed from a height and weight point of view - more of what-do-I-want-out-of-the-ski point of view (quicker and more reactive edge-to-edge vs. more stability and comfort, especially in soft pack, powder, or crud).


My opinion is that 76 should be a fine compromise for the East, but I think you will be surprised at how well an 82 waist ski will handle for you if you have carving skills.

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