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New ski ?

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Just came back from the local shop where I am looking at skis for my 13 daughter (beginner/intermediate skier).  Last year was k2 luv bug which she outgrew. 


I was looking at the k2 Luv line specifically the Free Luv.. here are the specs


Product Specifications

  • Performance: Groomed 50% Ungroomed 50%
  • Sizes: 142, 149, 156, 163 (cm)
  • Radius: 14m (163cm)
  • Baseline: All-Terrain Rocker - 70% Camber / 30% Rocker
  • Construction: Torsion Box Cap
  • Core: Bioflex
  •  Binding Options: Marker K2/ERS 11.0 TC


How are these skis better with the camber/rocker combo. I never heard of this before.  The other thought I had was a roxy which was a camber only ski.



my other option is a roxy hocus pocos which is just a camber ski (I think) which is much cheaper.



thanks for your input 

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Free Luv replaced the One Luv last year and they added Rocker this year. In typical K2 fashion, a super easy skiing ski with a huge sweetspot. 

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