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Anyone use these armored shorts?

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I am looking for a pair of protective shorts, particualrly to protect hips. More high tech options:

POC VPD Padded shorts:http://www.xsportsprotective.com/poc-hip-vpd-padded-ski-shorts-2010.html 


RED do3 Padded shorts:http://www.xsportsprotective.com/red-total-impact-padded-shorts-mens.html 


Sixsixone EVO: http://www.xsportsprotective.com/sixsixone-evo-bomber-shorts.html 


These have that high tech materal that stiffens on impact. The POC seems to have that material only to protect the coccyx. The RED and Sixsixone have it over the hips.




Dainese MTB Impact: http://www.dainese.com/us_en/multisport-summer/performance-shorts.html  




I have read that the POC are rather fragile. People complain about durability, which is an issue for such an expensive item. And, again the VPD stuff is not over the hips.


I have read nothing about the RED, but they look good, as do the EVO's which have the d3o material over the hip.


Dainese look very beefy with conventional protection - an advantage and disadvantage.


Appreciate your thoughts, particularly on the effectiveness of the high tech shock absorbant material in these shorts, and whether they are more comfortable to wear than conventional armored shorts.




-Sorry about the double link to Dainese - edit funtion would not let me remove it.

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I have stuff from all three of those companies that I use for mountain biking. It's all relatively fragile, but that's OK, because you are wearing other stuff over it. It has never really been a problem. I think out of what you link to, I'd probably choose the 661, then the Dainese then the POC. 661 looks the least obtrusive. Dainese's hardshell will let you know it is there from time to time, but I think will also afford the most protection (my "lobster suit" has those same pads on the thighs, they do work....). The POC pads look kind of small in area that they protect and also look kinda thick to be layering under your clothes. I am sure they have their reasons though. Be aware that they will all make your pants fit differently.

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Oops, I didn't notice the RED. No direct experience with RED, but those look pretty good.

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Originally Posted by epic View PostI'd probably choose the 661,

How are 661 shorts in the way-way cold?   Wet and clammy?  Toasty?   Swamp butt waiting to happen?

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I've never worn 'em skiing. The d3o slalom top really keeps you warm though.

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My two cents.

I wear a pair of 661 bombers but they don't look like those. Mesh fabric and rigid covers on the hip and tailbone padding. After suffering two big time hip contusions I now wear them on most days. I would say making due there is rigid padding is key due to the types of collisions skiers encounter. So make sure you get that. Never had a problem on hot or cold days.
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