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Announcement: New "Article-Style" Posts in Training Forum

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Thanks AC, this is wonderful !

Just when you think this site couldn't get any better, you see a nice surprise like this [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Incredible! 2 questions: Do you want us to have a word limit. I finally finished my fitness article for TPS, but it is so long, I'm not sure they will take it.

If they do, can something that is in their publication be put on this site?
Thanks, AC
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Length - Use common sense on the word limit -- I certainly expect them to be a lot longer than typical posts. If you think all of the paragraphs in their entirety carry their weight, then go for it. The length is the purpose of announcing "Article:" in the title, sort of a warning. Many of the long ones will be linked-to from the Training Center so even if they don't get as much discussion, they'll be readily available for a long time! (though extermely long is probably not a good idea -- I doubt anyone will read a PHD dissertation)

Re-publishing - I don't care if they have been published elsewhere, as long as you still own the rights to re-publish it.
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Announcement: New "Article-Style" Posts in Training Forum

I'm starting something new that I think will add a great deal to EpicSki, and the Instruction Forum in particular.

I am going to replace many (maybe all) of those old articles in the Training Center with links and summaries to some of our most classic and insightful discussion threads from the Instruction forum. I am asking for nominations on which threads to add (send the link of the "classic" thread nominations in a PM to me, thanks!). I will also link in the Training Center to some of the more in-depth article-style forum contributions that I anticipate will soon be posted in the forum itself.

The Real Point of this Announcement
I am starting to encourage people who have written relevant articles to post them here in the forum, instead of placing them in the Training Center in the traditional magazine format. The idea is to create a truly interactive forum-oriented magazine; or a forum with additional exceptional content and in-depth analysis.

The result is that we will have some longer, more in-depth posts that will be open for discussion in the format we all know and love.

My hope is that this will add a lot of value both to those trying to learn, and to those trying to advance teaching methods. The other benefit of this is these articles will be accessible to the forum's Search Function.

Anyone is welcome to post an article. A few members have recently offered articles for the Training Center, and I have encouraged them to post them in the forum -- so you may see some popping up soon.

Please precede the title of all of the more formal article-style posts with "Article:" followed by the article's title. (if you forget I'll jump in and do it for you)
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Just thought of something. Next week I'll be attending a conference in Miami on Sports Conditioning. Rather than try to shorten or rehash the volume I wrote for TPS, would people be interested in an overview of what the latest findings are in Sports Specific Training? It would include concepts such as the Kinetic Chain, Functional Training, Integrated Training, Core Stability, etc.
I would link to specific web sites that discuss these concepts, so that you could get an over view of who the movers and shakers are in the Sport Specific Training industry.
Let me know if there's an interest.
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I'd be interested in the info. By the way, thanks for your continuing contributions to this site.
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You are very welcome! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I'd be interested too!

Plus, it would help kick things off -- I know that several of our members have thoughtful articles ready to go, but I think there is some hesitency to be the first to post in this new fashion. I strongly encourage the posting of all such articles, especially in this time of little (or no) snow when we all need something ski-related to focus on. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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