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7Eye/Panoptx owners.

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I searched here but there is not a whole lot of info on these glasses. Does anyone have experience with the line?


I am thinking of getting the Diablo. I have always disliked goggles. I have to use up my eyecare allowance from my insurance policy before the end of the year and am thinking of getting the Diablo prescription filled. I don't need new glasses this year and might as well put my insurance account to use.


Can anyone comment on the sealing properties of the air dam? My local lens store carries the line and the glasses fit well in the store but I obviously cannot test out the air dam. I am also a little concerned about the quality. The frames feel a bit plasticy and I am concerned about how they hold up to abuse.


Any info would be appreciated.




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I have a few pairs and wear them when I ride my motorcycle. They definitely keep out any wind when doing 80+ so you shouldn't have any problem using them for skiing.

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My son likes them for spring skiing. However, not all model fits the same. Must try them for fit and seal just like goggles. 

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Thanks for the info guys.


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I have a pair of very lightly used Panoptyx from a couple years back - I think it was the Diablo model but would have to doublecheck.    If you want to buy my frames and then just get lenses locally I'm open to any reasonable offer and would send pictures, confirm model, etc. 


FWIW I thought the fit and air seal was good but the prescription didn't work out so I put them away after using a couple of times and gave up.  I didn't use a local shop for the lens and it was a hassle to get them redone and eventually just gave up. Like you I was using up flex spending plan money and so it felt like "found money" -- ended up later getting a pair of Rudy P cycling glasses with a prescription that actually works for me - OK for warmer weather skiing but not so good when it gets cold.




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My lady friend has a problem with her eyes watering when she rides her bike or when spring skiing, so she bought a pair with the foam around the eyepieces about two years ago.

She has found that she cannot wear them some times due them fogging up when skiing or riding in warmer temperatures.

She may be interested in selling them if you are in the market.

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