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Backcountry Safety and Awareness

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Hey Epicski Community,


As the snow is starting to fall high in the mountains, it's important for everyone to remain aware of proper backcountry skiing safety. Avalanches are serious and real threats to us out there, especially in the early season.


I wrote a quick article up on avalanche safety. Hope you all enjoy it!

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Your article contains technical errors and is very poorly written. I suggest that you either rewrite your article or delete this thread. Publishing bad information about avalanches can lead to accidents.

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dude, seriously,


this is really terrible.


in every way.


firstly, you are a sensationalist and know very little about skiing in the backcountry...


second(ly), your writing is not dissimilar to an essay written by one of my wife's 11th grade AP students that maybe shouldn't be in the class but is showing slight improvement...


I agree with cookie monster, who, like you, registered for this one thread, that bad info about avys is only bad.


on a relatively related aside...


"knowing your 'enemy'" is a combative, simplistic, asinine way at looking at stability.


thanks for making gapicski less of a misnomer...

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come on man...


seriously, your article says this?




Avalanche Preparation: Safety, Equipment, & Tips for Avalanche Safety




Beacon Power – If your partner is wearing a beacon, turn yours on to receive the signal. This is the best way to locate your missing friend.



hopefully nobody reads this...
"the ski experts" should honestly take this thing down
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If it wasn't so macabre, I'd make "turn yours on" my new signature.

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Oooh look theres a hat.... now shovel blindly, but carefuly, with my small (not large!) shovel in the feint hope my buddy is under it.....



What a pile of poo......


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I hope to God nobody takes that write-up seriously.


Just another reason to choose your BC ski partners carefully.  

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How can you all say such things- it was written by THE SKIING EXPERTS!

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Yeah, and they are up for an honorable mention at the Darwin Awards this year.

Originally Posted by dp View Post

How can you all say such things- it was written by THE SKIING EXPERTS!

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know your enemy...


....yeah like never go BC skiing with you!

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Wow. I think I'll skip going to the two day field portion of my L1 course. I can't believe I spent the money and time when I could've just looked at that write-up. Sheesh.

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