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Helmet Question

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I am planning on buying a helmet this season- any recommendations?
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Leedom helmets are great, have a rep for being one of the safest (if not the safest).
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Like bike helmets and ski boots, there's a lot of variability in helmet shapes. My elliptical melon fits well in Briko helmets but isn't happy in Boeris. I'd recommend that you buy what fits. Bring your goggles to make sure that they are compatible with your helmet, or else be prepared to shell out for another pair.

Leedom helmets do enjoy having the Snell certification, which other manufacturers (AFAIK) do not. Although the Snell standards are more rigorous, I don't think that there's any data that they are 'safer' in real-world accidents. Unfortunately, a strong helmet that doesn't fit right won't work.
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I'll go with Andrew's theory on this question: Having become a convert only last season, I went out and tried on MANY kinds of helmets. The Leedom, although prefered by my son, simply does not fit the shape of my head, while the Boeri fit like it was born there. I understand that the big name brands all do their jobs, but fit comes first.
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Like the others have said, fit is most important. If it don't fit, you won't wear it.

My melon is pretty big. I found I couldn't get a good fit in a full coverage helmet, and ended up with a Giro 9. Fits well, is comfortable, therefore it gets worn. That's what counts.
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It is just as easy and common to buy a helmet too big, as it it to get oversized ski boots. It nees to fit snug, and will pack out. Don't wear anything underneath it.
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I'm in the brain bucket market myself. I've suffered from more altered LOC than Wavy Gravy, Charles Bukowski and all the Merry Pranksters combined...unintentionally, of course...but tahts beside the point. I have a big melon and lotsa hair and am having the damndest time finding one. the xxl leedom buckets were too big and the xl were too small. any Boeri opinions?
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now is the time to try them on. Wait too long and the shops will have a much more limited supply. Go to a shop that has lots and just keep trying them on. don't look at the make or model/color or stuff like that just keep trying until one fits. It should be snug with no gaps and no pressure points. they really don't pack out too much. Then when you find one that fits, check for the color you like and get it. I tried 6 or 7 mfgs and 3-4 models in each brand until I purchased my boeri...

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Fit Fit Fit. I'm in Leedom myself, mainly due to fact that the others didn't fit as well. Carrera is a nice one to try if you need to fine tune the fit. They have a removable liner that you can move up into the helmet to take up room or move it slightly down to give you a little more room. Very light and great airflow. One thing I like about Leedom (others may have this as well) is that if you do have a bad crash, you can send the helmet back to Leedom with a $55 check. They will check out the helmet for you and if it needs replaced, they send you a new one. If it's fine, they send you your helmet back with your $55 check.
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My son and I, both fat-heads, bought Leedoms last year, for fit reasons only. They get zero style points. Getting a helmet was the second best ski thing I did last year. I didn't take any falls last year that really put my noggin in serious jeopardy, but the helmet was just great when skiing in the trees--saved me from lots of branch shots that would have scratched or cut.
Agree with the others that fit is everything.
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Fit is very important. Boeri's fit me nicely and I have their Axis model. A couple of other factors come into play though.

First, weight. Spend the extra money to get a light helmet. Some of the cheaper models weigh more and you can feel the difference after a long day of skiing.

Second, insulation. I live in Montana now so my helmet rarely gets too hot. The snow in Montana becomes unskiable at temperatures that are too warm for my helmet. When I was living in Oregon it was a different story. The snow there holds up much better at warmer temperatures and my helmet was too hot for spring skiing. If you do a lot of spring skiing you might want to consider a model with removable ear flaps like the Boeri Axis Rage.

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I like the fit of my Boeri Mito........

I do not like the wind noise! Would a half shell helmet make a difference?
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heh, yeah I agree the Leedom is not the most attractive helmet. It has it's look, but kinda plain to me. i did get the Smoke gray and it's kind of cool looking at all the black and brown marks where we have had to go through dense brush to get to some stashes. Doesn't hold a sticker worth a damn either...
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Fit is all that matters.

I have a Giro 9, which I love. I bought it because it is the only helmet that fits my melon, but love it because it is the lightest helmet on the market, and it has incredible venting. I am always hot when I ski, and a full, heavy helmet with average venting is not an option.

Try on as many as you can. Ski shows can be a good place to do this, as you can see all fo the different models and talk to the reps. Buy something that fits and that is comfortable. If it isn't, you won't wear it, and that misses the point. Good luck.
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i like giro myself, just bought a new Flint SC, with visor and full face option, its pretty sick. The fit of the Giro was the best for me, but, like someone said before, they are like boots, some manufacuters products work better for different people.
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The right fit is the key to buying any helmet. Also look for one that isn't heavy feeling and is warm on the cold days and vented well for those warm days. For me it is the Boeri Shorty.
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Just bought a Leedom from last year. $45 at REI in the box. Of all the helmets I tried from both this and last year, the Leedom fit and felt the best, even with goggles on.
I also found a SCOTT extender for my goggles ($2). It's the only helmet that I tired on that I could still hear anything out of it.
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get a helmet with lots of space for cool stickers

and a vent...I like my Leedom cuz I can slide back the top vent while standing (briefly I hope) in a lift line.

My friend has an unvented Boeri shorty he has to take off when it is warm and we are in a lift line.

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