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Toko workshop wax

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I recently started waxing my skis myself and I noticed they gave me some "Toko Workshop wax" in the shop. At least I think so because it are really big orange-pink bars and quite cheap (8€/bar). I'm 21 now and i've done competition for a year or 5 but now i just go skiing for fun in vacations. Do you think this wax would be sufficient for free skiing? Could it also be used for some indoor slalom-trainings (on snow, no carpet or plastic surface)? Or is it just goud enough as a kind of cleaner for the base... so to scrape it of when its still hot before putting the 'better' wax?




Sorry for my english by the way :-)


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Since you have it, the best way to know is to try it out and see how it glides for you.


Per the Toko catalog: "Backshop Blocwax for universal use. The sharply reduced smokiness of the Blocwax line ensures clean air in the ski workshop." Further, from the limited Barwax description: "Bar wax for machines with a heated wax-band.......molybdenum increases abrasion-resistance and renews graphite bases."


It's not clear the difference between the Barwax and Blocwax and from your description which type you have and temperature range for these waxes by color. The pictures show a 'melon' color for both and the BarWax also a light red/pink option.


Cheap does not necessarily mean better (especially for wax and considering the cost of the sport). It may be fine for your needs, but comparing it to known, better grade waxes will help you answer your questions.

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It will work.  That's the same stuff the local shop puts on about 150 tunes per day.  It isn't fantastic, but its better than nothing.  For competition, use it as base prep, but otherwise it will work fine.

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