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Telluride 2010-2011

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My friends and I are heading to Telluride this coming January (2011) and are looking to have a good time.  Any feedback on the restaurant/bar scene out there. We are all 26-30 years old and like to have fun and mix it up. 

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I don't think you guys should have too much trouble finding a good time in Telluride.  Check the on-line events calender closer to when you go, and see what is happening.  It is a small town, so if you walk down the main street in town and look at the posters in widows you'll see what's going on.  Also, there is a huge round posting board on the sidewalk, right across the street from the Last Dollar Saloon, where they put up notices of bands playing and other stuff.  The Fly Me to the Moon Saloon has live music most nights, and a bouncing dance floor that helps to pump beer through mogul tired legs.  They have limited stuff at the Mountain Village, but the real scene is in town. The free Gondola runs between them until at least midnight if you are staying up there, and maybe free shuttle buses after that.


Between the altitude and all the bumps, a day of skiing at Telluride works you over pretty well, but if you talk to people and look around, you'll find a fun town after dark too.

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If you like spicy Thai food, definitely go to Siam off West Pacific. For pole dancing go to..........

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In town, smugglers brew pub, great beer and food, was there around dinner time so not sure about later at night if it hops or not. I hit the Hop Garden near the bottom of lift 4 (Mountain Village) every day after skiing, good choice of beer, wine, other. Its open air under a tent roof but they have heaters spaced around - its a good place to start out haha

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