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Hotgear Bags

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Anybody know the deal on these?  Website doesnt look to be active/updated for a while?

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What is the question?



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Is the company still in business? - the website looks the same and has the same "sold out" on everything as it did in April. It's ski season again - was looking to spend $.

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They are still in business. They say they will be getting delivery on bags in mid-late November. Meanwhile you can buy one here if you choose.




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Thanks - good to know - was looking for the larger one - Pro model?  wanted to have space for all my carry on stuff (shell, helmet, gloves, goggles, etc).

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Bumping this for a question - what setting is the best for boots - assuming that you have had a couple punches done?  Any worries about "HOT" or "DRY"?

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I use the Dry setting. It is nice putting my foot into a warm boot in the morning. The Hot setting was too warm for me. The boots are a whole lot easier to get on in the morning also.


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The dry setting overnight works best for me as it drys the boots and they are nice and warm.  If I forget to plug the bag in then I go to the hot setting to warm the boots quicker.  I have not used the high settings for long periods but I would doubt that they would ever get hot enough to bother your boots.

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Are these carry on size?

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Not really carry on size. Especially the Pro.


I use the lowest heat setting overnight. Perfectly warm, but not to hot. You don't want to start the day with sweating feet.

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