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Boot problems

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Can anybody out there help? I have a major problem with my alignment which I believe to be congenital.


Basically the problem affects my right leg/ foot/ boot/ ski but my left side is not perfect. I have a fairly significant tibial torsion which cutting to the chase causes me to make engaging the inside edge of my right ski very difficult creating an apparent A frame. My right knee tracks well inside my big toe. I always believed myself to be a massive supinator but my boot fitter told me that while I do supinate for normal purposes I massively pronate in my ski boots.


Everything I have done to try and alleviate the problem has made little difference and just confused me more. Most recently I have had new boots fitted at one of the very few specialist fitters in London (I'm from the North of England so quite a journey) They acknowledged the problem as a pretty big one and set about sorting me out over 2 lenghty visits. In short I had a custom liner made and the usual orthotics and boot canting. I ended up with a pair of Nordica Speedmachine 110 and in the shop my tracking seemed ok.


Initially I felt some improvement in performance but that was short lived and maybe in my imagination. They were, however, excrutiatingly uncomfortable which I kind of expected but it didn't get better. I took them back and a few adjustments were made which improved comfort a little. I have skied on them for 12 months and have just removed the custom liner and replaced it with the original which certainly helps with comfort and has not hit the performance.


I am a C.S.I.A. Level 2 instructor but want to work towards my level 3. This will not happen with my current issues. Basically keeping in mind that maybe there are not the bootfitters here in the UK that there clearly are in the U.S.A. and Canada can you suggest any D.I.Y. remedies I can try. I've already spent a fortune on the boots and travel for fitting.


I have read lots e.g threads on here, Ron Le Master's chapter in the new book, information from SBS etc. etc. ANY IDEAS?!?! I'm always incredibly impressed with the level of expertise out there. I just hope I can tap into some of it.



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This is going to sound unorthodox----If you were to sit on the floor with back against the wall and your knees aimed straight up---where are your feet heading (at what angle---aimed in or out at toes)? when in this seated position, are you feet torqued (met head position, compared to a flat stance)?




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Thanks for the reply Mike. It surprised me but when I did the seated test my feet were pretty straight. There is a lot of compensation going on though and my right foot was only contacting the floor on its lateral border with just the outside of the 5th met head (little toe) in contact. The left foot was slightly flatter but still nowhere near flat.



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     I will probably catch some grief on this one---but try adding an appropriate lift to the medial (inside) side of each foot and check where your tracking goes as you modify the amount.  Once you find the amount needed to get your knees to track correctly you will need to add this to your footbeds, you may have to modify your boot shape around the met heads to be comfortable inside the shell.  You can lower the outside of the foot by grinding the boot board (zeppa).


Good luck



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Originally Posted by Adie View Post
 Basically keeping in mind that maybe there are not the bootfitters here in the UK that there clearly are in the U.S.A. and Canada can you suggest any D.I.Y.

you just have to look a little further, i am not as far south as london and from what you have described i would think we may be able to sort your problems

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Just returned from Solutions4feet as suggested by Colin in the last post. Between them Colin and Andi have got me balanced in my boots and my ski set up right. They clearly know what they are doing and things feel quite different. I can't wait to get out there now and see how it all helps in my skiing.


There is somewhere in the UK with this level of expertise after all!


Thanks guys



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