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Which 110mm ski

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I am looking for some advice on which ski in 105mm to 110mm range I should consider and the reasons why you would think it would suite me. I want to use it on the days with more fresh snow on trips to Utah and Colorado. I would be skiing it on everything from trees, deep powder, bowls and a little bit of back country. I also have a Elan 888 and Head Magnum which I want it to compliment.

Ski's have hired in this range are Gotama 2010 and 2008, Elan 1010 and a Rossi (can't remember the model).


My stats:


6 ft 1in

200 lbs

Fit and I would say advanced skier who can ski anywhere on the mountain about 20yrs of skiing. I usually do 1 or 2 trips every year to the USA to ski. 


Skis I am considering are



Elan 1010

Rossi S6


Would also like any other suggestions as I get limited chance to demo skis in this range.



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What are your thoughts about the skis you demoed? "they were stable but they were hard to turn quick..." sort of thoughts.


What do you like/dislike about your current skis? "they are great carving but they are heavy..." sort of thoughts.


What qualities are important to you in your skis?


"I like a race-like feel in all my skis."  "I like a light lively feel in soft snow."  "I like a ski that feels stable at speed."  or  "I ski a lot of tight spots so maneuverability is really important to me."


That type of stuff. Put some values to this, everyone would like a ski that floats on powder, punches through crud, holds an edge on anything and turns on a dime... that's not gonna happen. Tell us what you value most.


Info like this will make it possible for some of the knowledgeable folks here to help you make an educated, directed selection... without this everyone is just spouting out "I like this...", since you will be skiing on these new skis, I'd suggest sticking with what you will like.

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