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Uh-Oh...competition for HH,PSIA,CSIA...not!

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Check these guys out! The "up-move" should appeal to those of us who need a "linear, one size fits all approach" SCSA?

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kinda slow in the forum there, eh?
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Maybe someone should tell the boys at Powder about it.

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I scanned through the site and guess what? Not a name to be found! As the title of this thread implies, it should not be a problem to any of the established teaching organizations.

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Their website looks like it was designed by high school kids.

Competition? Nah.
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This looks like a "top quality" powder maggot lampoon. Either that or these idiots really are idiots.
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Rick, what do you mean "no names?" Clearly Professor Irwin Cory did the translations.
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A BOOK REPORT--"My First SkeBook (TM)--Upright Performance (TM) to make me SAFETY-HAPPY, forever!"


OK--this is WAY TOO FUNNY!

They actually DID get back to me with my own personal password, so I could download THE Ske-Book 2.7.03. Which I did. And--this is unbelievable! I haven't seen such verbose ignorance about skiing and teaching since the dubious Bill West's "Distinctive Skiing" book came out. Of course, the ProfsDeSki predicted that I would denounce them, as the typical "pretentious" ski instructor who hates all students (because they don't ski well enough to ski with me), fighting for my monopolistic but 40 years outdated job.

"I already know you will hear all kinds of destructive comments about PSi, as well as about me being a frustrated instructor or anything else to put us all down," they say in the introduction. And "they" actually do have a name: "Gaston St. Pierre." I'll call him "GASP" for short.

So here's how it works:

In the PSi approach, the repeated explanations of how and why it happens lead to the same positive effects as a demonstration. The UNImage (TM) technique, together with the MNEMOGRAPHIK (TM) approach and the muscle memory phenomenon, fulfill the demand for the safest and highest performance to make a Safety-Happy skier out of ME.
Sounds like the Unabomber Manifesto of ski instruction! GASP actually cites the "pseudodictionary" (www.pseudodictionary.com)--"the place where words you've made up can become part of an actual online dictionary!" for some of the words he uses--and his citations refer to "words" GASP had submitted to the "dictionary" himself!

GASP is quite thorough. He identifies three "technique fundamentals": 1) RHYTHM, 2) PHYSICAL BALANCE, and 3), um, well I'm not sure what exactly the third one is. Here's how GASP describes it: "3) The technique is very simple to understand, learn, and especially execute. That simplicity and the PSi LEARNING environment makes me reach HARMONY BALANCE quickly. In other words, it makes everything happen 'the most balanced way.'"

Clear as a bell...

Of course, there are those who will like GASP's approach, since he says it is "anti-wedge, anti-stem, and, obviously, anti-snowplow."

It gets better. There are "Three Key Actions," the first of which is "'the sideway [sic] head rotation move' in the desired direction." (No, I am NOT making this up!)

I'm sorry--you'll just have to read the rest for yourself. I can hardly type anymore--I'm laughing too hard!

After a few pages of diagrams, trademarked GASPisms and convoluted semi-English description, followed by a few more pages of rants about how this revolutionary "method" is so much better than "traditional teaching methods" and how "high level and pretentious instructors" disdain skiing with kids, beginners, and intermediates, and anyone else who is "not skiing well enough to ski with them" and so on, GASP finally concludes with instructions on how to bend your poles in a vise to the optimal shape for "appropriate use of the pole" (the "Second Key Action"). Pole baskets must be oriented "thirty (30) degree [sic] out." If you still aren't satisfied with the results, then you could "buy better and lighter ones, the type I can bend."

Now--Gaston St. Pierre, instructor-Professeur, Professeurs de Ski international, PLEASE--won't you join us for a discussion of skiing, here at EpicSki? I want to learn the "Upturn Move" so I too can experience "Upright Performance (TM)--to make me SAFETY-HAPPY, forever!"

Oh...my...god! :

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Well, I think it must be an elaborate joke.

Although I suspect that the perpetrator was once sneered at by a French instructor and has never recovered from the trauma. This is his revenge.
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You lot missed the best bit!

He has FORUMS!
There's no one there right now, in fact the author appears to be talking to himself.


In fact, there are no posts. I guess the Moderator created a few sock puppets, posted stuff, flamed himself and then moderated everything in a fit of pique.
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Nah Ant - I saw that too - but was too amused by the accomodation bit to do much except giggle.


Lodging Operators PROF. de SKI Members are hotel and inn operators. They are choosen for some very special reasons like the natural and rustic alpine atmosphere in their establishment and the quality of food served. They also must show dispositions to fully satisfy the clientele with a choice of inside and outside après-ski activities, their own and/or some other ones available nearby"

I was wondering about the inside & outside apres-ski & just HOW they were going to fully satisy me....
I hope they have a lot of staff
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Told you it was funny! I sat and perused for two hours. I too read the "manifesto" Bob...."somewhere in a small ramshackle shack in the Gatineau region of Quebec, former Queen's scholar....neighbours said he was a quiet part-time instructor, until......"
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He's taking guided discovery to a new level.
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Wow--someone not particularly literate put a LOT of time into that site, if it's just a joke! No names--very strange! I tried to sign up for a lesson, but the form returned nothing but error messages. I signed up to download the "ske-book 2™© Version 2.7.03" but the e-mail they "promised" me has not arrived.

What a gem! If I read it right, they claim that anyone should ever need only ONE lesson--ever--and they give that lesson indoors! They think that "repeat business" for ski schools is some kind of evil scam perpetrated by the CSIA and PSIA "monopolies."

PSi method is a self-learning method; it can't be taught because there is too little to be told
And they're proud of it!

But, despite the fact that it "can't be taught" and that there is "too little to be told," the "goal" of their "gold-plated philosophy" is

to "tell things - to allow skiers to learn to ski - anyone of their instructor-professeurs wouldn't want to be told".
They've got ME shaking in my boots! I can see that there is FINALLY some real competition out there!

"Either that, or these idiots really are idiots." --well said, Maddog!

Well, at least it's entertaining!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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GASP wrote: "PSi method is a self-learning method; it can't be taught because there is too little to be told"

[img]smile.gif[/img] Ah ye of such little faith. It's obvious to my learned mind--much deeper than you mere ski instructors : that this is not some joke or prank but is instead the distillation of the very essence of skiing, indeed it is the Dao of skiing.

As proof, allow me to paraphrase form that Great Book: The Way of skiing that can be taught is not the true way.

There you see? No? Ahhh then you do not Want to to see; you r afraid to see!!! you only wish to maintain your evil : monopolies

PS. Is the correct pronunciation of PSi, Pissy? Just curious?

PPS. Please stop you analysis Bob, you're killing me!!!!
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Regarding the pronunciation of PSI, I believe it is pronounced SI (SIGH), as the 23rd letter of the Greek alphabet, with the same spelling. The P is silent, much like in a hotel swimming pool.

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I'm new here. This is my first post but I've been lurking for a while.

That site is surely an elaborate parody. The French pages are written in the same way as the English. He's actually pretending he can't write properly in English. He makes puns in French with the word 'professeur'. His 'OUMPA Travel' is probably another pun. Check out the http://www.oumpa.com/ site.

He must have had lots’ of spare time! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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