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SOLD THANKS  -  New Mens Technica Dragon 100 Ski Boots.  Size 27.5 

Designed for advanced skiers who take on the toughest of trails, the Tecnica Dragon 100 ski boots deliver superior performance in all conditions.

  • Slightly more upright and relaxed than a true race boot, the Dragon has 3-density construction combines 2 types of plastic to create 3 zones of hardness, maximizing performance, fit and comfort
  • Asymmetric shell design maximizes power transmission to the inside edge for superb skiing performance
  • Carbon steel buckles are five times stronger than magnesium, allowing the buckles an extremely low profile without a sacrifice in durability
  • Flex adjustment lets you personalize the degree of forward flex within a range, allowing you to attain the performance or comfort you desire. Flex index 100 provides the responsive power transfer preferred by assertive/aggressive expert skiers




Tecnica Dragon 100.jpeg

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