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I have had several pair of both K2 and Volkl and they do have a very different personality. The K2 just wants you to have fun and the Volkl insist that you first earn it. Is Volkl German for arrogant? Me? I love them both but usually prefer Rossi to either. Last week in the trees under the Red Dog lift at Squaw, the K2 Recons were great... Until the first day after it started to dump. I rented 177 Volkl Gatamas (SP?) and loved them with only a couple feet of fresh on the second day. With five feet on the third day these skis did not have enough tip to keep on top of it. Maybe not long enough. I wanted to get the Rossi S7 but couldn't find them at Squaw. I am a bit over 45 - 67 in fact. Still like the good stuff just as much anyway.