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MA Video's? Examiner's Trainers, help please?

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Is it just me or is there no interest in the mental workout for the Video MA I posted.

The intent was to post the same video several times and help those of us that are studying for exams or just wanting to get better at MA.

The idea is to take a skier focusing on one skill and turn mechanics.

I'm not trying to get "fixes" or corrections to the skiing movement patterns (yet) but just trying to learn if what I'm seeing is correct. Challenge us to dig, (like Pierre did on the DP video) Help us learn, etc..

If we as instructors can learn to see each skill, break it down to basics, see the initial movement, what effect it has on other movements then we can all better serve our guests with more accurate and directed lessons.

It's a bit of a chore to create these videos and if there is not enought interest, I'll find some other venue to get my studying done.

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dchan, thanks for creating the videos and posting them.
Two thoughts come to mind if you're not getting quite the response you'd like - my ancient laptop seems to take a long time to download them. Plus it's spring break, am working lots of hours daily throughout March right now so time for long and/or thoughtful posts is limited. Sorry! Things will get a little better in about two and a half weeks! Good luck!
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Vera's got a good point. While it's busy season for the resorts still open, some of us are busy doing end of season packing.

I see that my response to the equipment MA post killed that thread. My 2 cents is that using the same video in multiple posts was overkill. My 2 cents in the equipment thread was that that skier was overkill for focusing on equipment issues. And the reason I did not post to the other threads was that my first response applied fairly well to the other threads as well.

For movement analysis, they key skill is to separate symptoms from causes. Although working on seeing the symptoms is good "eye training" and "head training", it's a bit tedious. I personally have a hard time with this because I've worked so hard to ignore the "extraneous" stuff.

Caveat emptor: I'm only a level 2, but I am a staff trainer. I do a fair amount of MA for our staff using computerized video analysis to work on improving their personal skiing&riding and developing their eye for MA. I've got a fairly large video clip library of people I've worked with and from events, but no permission to publicly post the work. Maybe next season....

I prefer to do the kind of work you're seeking one on one with my PC software. It's much easier to resolve debating points watching stuff in slow motion and frame by frame. As you've seen in the replies already, one can get a wide range of opinions from views of full motion clips.
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test post
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(The) Rusty, what software do you use for video analysis? I'm a Level I looking to improve my MA skills (not to mention my skiing skills).

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I use software called NEAT. Unfortunately their web site is kaput. V1 has a home version of their software available for $39. I will be trying that out this summer. I've used their more expensive versions for golf. It should do the job.

Here's the link for V1
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Thanks, Rusty.
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