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Volkl Unlimited AC 7.4

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Can anyone tell me about these skis?  THey are being sold at my local store (US) but I can not find any info on them?  I think they are a European spec ski.....but not sure what they are comparable to or how old they are.


I am a high advanced bordering on expert skiier.  Tend to ski "over my head" and have fun.  Mostly east coast and occasional trips outwest.  Currently skiing on 15 year old Salomon Pilot 195's.  So anything will be a huge change.

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Found this...


"The Volkl AC 7.4 Unlimited is a softer narrower model of the AC 30. Designed for the aspiring intermediate skier the AC 7.4 is an all mountain carving machine. 60/40 on/off piste ratio."

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Thanks.  Any thoughts as to how this would compare to Atomic Smoke TI, or how they would work for an advance intermediate, sloppy experts with more guts than style?  6', 180, mostly ski east....

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