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Yes you read correctly! There are winners to this quiz.


First all of you are all  winners,,since you have survived this "quiet" period of the ski season! I say survived because here I now have snow!


There are three persons who will get some "tangible" gifts!


They are;


HeluvaSkier : special prize for his ski knowledge, his "hands on" knowledge and is budding maturity ! A prize which I am sure will make him ski better, faster and with great joy!


Herminator : the digital electronic iron goes to him. Yes he did not get the pass score,,but I am sure he will work at it. He got many of the "difficult" items. His motivational level was amazing,,,very close to stekan's level! But then stekan sets the bar very high with a 3 AM "special viewing" session!  Herminator  the iron is wrapped, ready for shipping! All I wait for is where to,,,,


crgildart :  Yes he also gets a prize. It also is a Swix iron. Not as high tech as the on Herminator is getting,,,,but still a great iron!



Finally, a special word for stenkan. He really,,,,, really was the one who got many of the items. His motivation was "exemplary" andI am sure his skiing is also "amazing" ! However since he is from another country with different electrical systems than America,,this iron will not be functional! He will get another type of gift which he will wear in the alps with pride since  he will know few skiers wear such items ! Just be careful stekan,,we now will know who to watch in the alps and if one day,,,,a quiet man comes close to you on the ski lift and whispers, "great observations" !,,,,,,,,


As far as the promised ski guards for young racers,,,,yes they will be sent as promised as soon as I "unpack" and clean out my office!


Thank you all for your participation. You really are very smart smart skiers!


Have a great skiing season




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Thanks Vist... It has been fun..... It's started snowing here too..... Just in time!


I think you should post Herminator/Stekan/Heluva/crgildart's lists so we can see what we should have seen!

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I will "pool" all the items of what all participants saw!



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Sweet!  Thanks!  I don't do "high tech" tuning so anything that melts wax will be great.  I guess this means I'll have to get used to not having a "steam setting" on my ski wax iron


By the way, you are a winner too.  These threads are a lot of fun

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Thank you Vistman for the prize and also for the amazing quiz!

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I agree, this was a lot of fun.  Thanks!

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Thank you.  Hope you do it again!

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Well done Vistman, well done.

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Wow! I don't know what to say, I guess Thank You! What a wonderful surprise to see this post after a long day at work. 

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Like everyone else said, this was a blast.  I didn't know what many of the items were but it was fun just the same.  Learned about a few things along the way too.  Would love the opportunity to play again.  I only have one request.  Quizzes such as these should only happen prior to and after ski season.  This is way too distracting to do during ski season. 


We should get the mods to add a banner to quiz winners with a "Knowitall" or "Smart Skier" on it.

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I agree with you. This type of quiz will be before ski season. Too busy during ski season!


Now to wet your mouths for next year,,,,


Imagine this!


A top level 2012 ski! Wrapped and sealed in a plastic wrapper. Then hidden somewhere in a USA ski resort ( stekan we will fly you in) ! Then every week a hint! A hint for the smart skiers! A hint and a series of hints that only smart skiers will get! It will lead you to the SPOT! They are yours!!!!!


Imagine 3 months of mental stimulations ( delibrate1,,,,,do not touch this,,,)


Imagine the fun!


Pictures, history facts, events, course names, Ski Director names, lift names, etc,,,,,


Have a nice ski season all!


Remember now,,,,,look down and see who is skiing on those harts (aka Vists) !

I am sure you all know that Vist skis do have "disguises" !




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Ship it to me and I'll hide it here. 

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As requested here are the items on the picture which were submitted!

First a comment about work bench.


Typically it is clean free of all items and ventilated! A FIS World Cup ski wax technician is now in hospital with lung cancer because he used that lime green tool on the right in a cargo container!

Yes keep it clean and ventilated!


One observation also.

No one got the most obvious item. The biggest one! Amazing! The America SKI Team flag! Ha,,,,,now you see it!


Beginning from top left hand side and going horizontally here tey are; 

-feeler gauge ( Bill from Haiti ,,,,that is another story)

-Atomic tool for boots adjustment

-generic tool (allen key ,for boots)

-Two screwdrivers (red and black handle) for inner boot wok

-one center punch with yellow handle

-One Lool N17 1966 front binding

-one yellow Salomon tool to adjust bindings

-Volk plastic ski (above Look) to explain the concept of ski radius and carving) See red letters R=13

Marker front binding on Volk ski

Of course in the background signed American Ski Tean flag

0.5 feeler gauge

Rossignol Quantum ski section

Another Atomic boot tool (red ring)

Tapping tool

Surf rasp toll resting on ski tip

Rossignol tip from a de-laminated 2010 "FAT"

DIN  chart above

Mutix extender arms 

Old old old 1960 type ski elastic ( to hold skis together) 

VARS front unit

Above that ( thin alu ski profile) used to explain ski flex ski camber, ski torsion values. see hole near tip

Spyder mat (that black black square)   This item was for stekan,,to test how good his "imaging" software was!

-at least 14 ski stickers ( that four letter word for steep,,,,,is Taos)



Down one level

That black item is a boot liner which has been "modified'

A Look N17 rear unit hanging

Two N Look 17 front units (one red)

Two Salomon front units

A BIC butane ligther

Another tapping tool on the lip of a Salomon rear unit

Two lime green front Tyrolia bindings

In front of those a Salomon drill holder in S shape

One you all missed,,,,,,a screw extractor ( looks like a drill bit but widder_ on Salomon bit holder

A red Marker rear unit

below that,,,a base repair template ( that hafl moon steel plate)

A white hack saw blade

Marker front units (all black)

On very edge the famous Marker racing rear units for the 1980s


Back to left hand side

-bottle of silicone lubricant

-roll of green tape

Binding plate for a BURT binding ( see that hole in the top center for the wire)

Likke ski pole plane

Red tape

Another tapping tool for screw holes

Screw extractor tool

Panzar file

Magnifying lense on file

old old old ski edge section ( just a teaser for Stenkan,,,I wanted to see how old he was)

steel wax scrapper

Chisel with blue handle

round file under yellow rubber piece

yellow rubber piece from a Fischer Racing plate ( front section)

knife ( yellow blade holder)



Back to left hand side

Green ceramic disc tuning tool from Wintersteiger

SKS tuning tool

Another SKS file holder tool

Yellow Salomon screw driver

Diamond stick in a leather sheath

red edge cleaner ( looks like pen)

black carbon pole section (used to guide screw extractors)

One round white ceramic disc for that green ceramic tuning tool

Atomic front binding ( recalled)


Bottom center

series of ceramic sticks for final edge tuning



Finally in the CENTER bottom part!

La pièce de résistance..........the winners iron ,,,,,,,,, yes the Swix electronic digital iron with its sheath (yes it has a blanket and straps)

- see the handle

-see the electric corde

-see the velcro corde holding all together.


Oh,,I forgot the Ptex spagetti repair kit hanging on the Salomon rear bindings!

Oh,,,,Yes of course that knee card!  great reminder to all to "protect" your knees


Have a great ski season!




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All you WINNERS,,,,the prizes are all wrapped and will be sent Monday !


I suspect "the card" will be first to arrive!


Then those "heavy irons" will come next to Charles and Herman!


Finally far far away in that vast state of Montana will come those guard for young racers!


As far as those "other skiers" in far of lands,,,,,well they will have to wait a little!


Have a great skiing season everyone!

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I'm quite happy with how many I got perfect and how many I was very close on-item but not brand or using a different term name.  And. I saw the iron!!!!!Burt plate???  I once had a student get their pole stuck in a Burt cable somehow.  Haha I would have been able to handle Spademan parts

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Thanks! I hope you have a successful season.




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First confirmation!


HeluvaSkier got his prize!!! Problem is ,,,,he now has to figure what to do with it!


A man in heaven!


So,,if you see a great skier "flashing" by,,with a huge smile on his face,,,,,,I mean HUGE,,,,,,,It is Heluva,,,,,,,Or should I say, "Heavena"



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Second confirmation.  Thanks!


It appears that green roll of tape was actually packing tape

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Third Confirmation. Wow, Thanks again Vistman 

Digital iron will be put to good use. Need to prep multiple pairs of skis this year. Season started today-Copper Mountain Colorado. Yes the "supporting" roll of tape was packing tape and judging by the wrapping paper someone with ties to Rossignol.

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So happy that you all got the prizes! Stekan is now the last one to get his! His is also special and unique! If ever you are in the Alpes,,you will see him very ,,,,very ,,,,,,well!


That tape,,,,I have discovered the "untility" of this tape! It is a painting "border' tape! You know the tape you use while painting a room! Its glue backing has "low tacking" glue so comes off well! It is strong enough to hold material also!


It has become "my tape" for all sorts of shop applications!


If ever you watch some of the tuning videos,,,,some racers apply on sidewalls near bindings a 2" tape to protect bindings! This tape does wonders!


When installing screw holes or heli-coils I use this tape on top of ski surface before work!


To get a 1 degree bevel of base I use this tape ( two turns on file = 1 degree).


When you have 20 pairs of skis to tune,,,,great way to put all info on tape at tip area ( I hate writing on ski tops)


Now here is the very best use! Once you have done all the tuning, waxing,,you want the skis to stay "perfect" I tape my skis together with a soft pad at bases! Once on hill I just rip off tape, roll it up into a ball and place it into my truck! No fuss! No pollution! Clean!


Enjoy all prizes,,you deserve them!  Smart smart skiers!


I will be listening to your ski stories on the chair this winter!


Have a great skiing season!



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Just a short note to all the winners of the quiz that Stekan is now getting the final winners prize! His is a unique  polar fleece jacket made for a special ski testing team from a ski company! Only 5 were made and his has his name embroided on it!

If ever you ski in the alps,,and you see a tall handsome man skiing with a blue polar jacket with the logo,,, "TEST TEAM" on the back!   It is Stekan!


Have fun skiing with him!



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The final prize just arrived. Excellent quality and fit. Thanks again Vistman.

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