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Another new level 1 gang memeber

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I passed Level 1 at Steamboat On Friday, March 8. Our own Bob Barnes from Copper was my examiner. We had a well prepared group of candidates and everyone in our group passed. Congrats to everyone who passed their test at Steamboat.

In addition all the candidates for Level 1 from Copper Mountain passed, thanks to good training at our ski school and lots of hard work from the candidates. Good Job, Everyone!!!

On to Level 2.

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way to go!!!!
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Congrats Bong,

Well done!
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You made great skiing and teaching progress this season. It was great to see the dedication of you and your fellow candidates.

I'm sure the evening MA sessions conducted by Bob, Pete and Donnie were beneficial to you and all the candidates as was the on mountain training.

Keep up the great work-just remember it's the journey that counts not the destination.

It also just as important to remember and recognize those who put themselves on the line in the cert exams and didn't pass. Credit is due all those who chose to go into the arena regardless of the outcome.

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Nice job bongo.

This guy Bong is great - he really loves the sport.


Looks like there's going to be a few of us Bears up at Copper soon. Tag and family are coming in soon so stay in touch.
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Congrats, bong, keep smiling... ...Ott
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Yes--congratulations Bong--a great job, too, especially in the trying conditions (blizzard, essentially) at Steamboat!

Level 2 is in sight....


Best regards,
Bob Barnes

PS--Ski&Golf is dead on, too. Congratulations to all those who have made the commitment and the effort, and took the risk of putting it on the line in exams, REGARDLESS of the outcome! That thought had actually occurred to me the other day too. While I know how disappointing and frustrating, and potentially embarrassing, it can be to fail an exam, it occurred to me that I have enorumous respect for anyone who tries, perhaps especially if, after failing, they take the experience and the feedback to heart and double their determination to continue training. Congratulations to all, pass or fail--let's keep learning, either way!
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.......... jeeeeez, and I had $50 in our side pool saying that you'd wash! :

Just kiddin .......... now we can count you in on the "dastardly plot" to ....... G-E-T S-C-S-A .....
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Cool, way to go. More status = more work & money = more time to practise.

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Well done Bong,
That's another one on to my list of people to help improve my skiing:

Man from Oz
Jack Daniels
Arthur Guinness

and now...

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Way to go Bong!!
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Thanks to you all for the Congrats. I agree with Ski & Golf and Bob B. All those who attempted the exams are to be congratulated.

Our trainers are much appreciated also for their dedication to helping us all become more better, more professional instructors and skiers.

SCSA, I'd like to ski with any of the Bears that make it to Copper if I'm available. Been pretty busy this week with all the folks from out of state on spring break.

Thanks again for the support and encouragement. [img]smile.gif[/img]

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congrates bong on a great job.
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