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Ex-Racer with wide feet considering Strolz

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I am an ex racer and a bigger guy 5'10, 230lbs.  I've got a wide, hard to fit foot.  When I was younger (and lighter) , I was on Dobermann 110 Pro's that were extensively ground out by PJ at Race Stock. They were great for years but became too soft.  Two years ago, I moved into a WC 150.  The boots have been somewhat too stiff, too narrow, and cause me great pain unless I am making arc's on hard pack.  At this point, as I'm no longer racing, I am considering Strolz boots.  I enjoy skiing on NH blue ice but also have a growing interest in skiing the woods, bumps, etc.  I've had a difficult time finding information on the current models/options and how they stack up to a modern, racing-style boot. 


What is the closest Strolz model to a current racing boot?


How does it compare in terms of canting, ramp angle, flex?


Is the racing model available in wide sizes? If not what is the wide size boot like?


My other option would be trying to get a modified racing fit on a Nordica Dobermann 130 Pro/SpeedMachine 130, which would likely need extensive fitting, so cost should be similar. 


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While the Strolz boot may be a great option, I have admit to not knowing enough about the current onre to comment on whether or not they have a boot that is similar to a race configuration. However, the new Lange RS 130 wide is 100 at the met heads for starters and is of course "fittable" from there. This is a boot that definitely does have a race derived shell and stance geometry. If you are close to PJ, go see him. He will surely have that model and can tell you whether you need to go to the expense of a Strolz.



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Hello Joe,


You are pretty lucking living in NH because the USA importer of Strolz ski boots is located in Hampton and they have a shop in North Conway.  Both locations can fit you or give you all the info you need.  Here is their web address.



I am the Pacific Northwest retailer and fitter located in Oregon.  To answer your question does Strolz have a boot for you?  Most likely.  Strolz has several shell configurations and a new boot was introduced in 2010.  To accommodate REALY wide feet we use a wood last to re-shape the shell to match your foot before foaming.  When I say REALY wide, personally I have fit a foot up to 118mm wide.


Here is a link to the on-line brochure that Strolz Austria has produced, starting on page 52 you will can see photos of the new boot and get most of the information you will need.



I encourage you to give the guys in NH a call to talk over your situation or make an appointment to check out the boots in person. If you have trouble getting ahold of the guys in NH please feel free to call me and I will answer any questions you have.

Here is my contact info: http://www.strolzskiboots.com/contact.html


Good luck,






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