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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by HarryO:
Some of the best snow is usually under the chair! Since many skiers are intimidated by being on display they avoid these trails like the plague! Therefore it's a great place to ski. ...<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

I agree with this. I used to be ashamed to ski under the lift, back 20 years ago when I had blonde hair and stretch pants and mirrored Vuarnets. I'm pretty sure the whooping and hollering wasn't about my technique, and I'd always fall. But ... now I'm just a mom in a hat and baggy pants and goggles -- and I don't care. [img]tongue.gif[/img] Just want good snow.
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I definetly agree there is usually good snow to be found under the lift. Right under the Supper Bee at Copper comes to mind near the bottom of the mountain.
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That's my sister your talk'in about. So she caused a couple of minor fender-benders in town. Big Deal. Those guys should of kept their eyes on the road. This year we're having a nude Christmas Parade too. milesb your invited.
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Wearing my black stretch pants. My skiing itself would never cause that much excitement.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Iridium:
Yard-Sale! sometimes at my mountain it is drunken snowboarder kids who are trying to distract us so we fall ... that makes ripping a line through the bumps so much sweeter. and it always is the bumps too, 800 feet of them right under the liftline <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

That's cuz you're in COUGAR country! See you at the Apple Cup baby!

Go Dogs!

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> "Webb, who was on trial for riding her bicycle in the buff last summer, wore only a pair of red cowboy boots before Judge Barbara Haslinger.

In the hushed courtroom, Deputy District Attorney Ruben Munoz could be heard saying: "I had a feeling this might happen." <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Luck of the draw she gets a female judge, go figure!
What was Mujoz thinking? Guess he was not going to miss this for the world!

Hey SNACK, No Pics! :
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A female Fitness Instructor wearing black stretch pants. God I love this sport.
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We've been kind of following that whole thing since last summer. This is the second time she has been uhh detained. Luckily I have not been exposed personally to this on going case. Could you imagine telling the police how you got that 18 wheeler in the Safeway parking lot. :
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I have never heard that anology before;

18 wheeler
Safeway parking lot

Intresting though, quite a mental image!
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So this trucker comes wheel'in around a corner in town and here comes this bike rider. Now this bike rider well she catches his attention and the next thing you know that truck driver ends up missing his turn and jumps the curve and ends up in the Showny's parking lot. Joe Diffe 3rd rock from the sun.
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While you are that close to LM give us the low down on the VPL?
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That's cute. Now I'm all red in the face.
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I ski under the lift if it's a great run, but I just try to focus on the skiing.

I won't go out of my way to do it like last year. I just don't have anything to prove. And like Ott says -- "Ski for yourself".
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Probably one of the most embarrasing under the chair events happened to me last year. It was one of those days where New England got more powder than it is used to. I somehow missed the sign at the top of a trail that said "experts only."

I am definitively a non expert.

Well, things were okay until I hit a mogul... and fell backwards. On the way down, I realized, much to my humiliation, that I was directly under the lift. But the years of fitness and dance training allowed me to salvage the fall with a minimal degree of grace.

So like a showgirl, I raised one arm and one leg as I fell. Up above, the crowd cheered. Later someone told me how funny it looked.
All they could see was this arm and leg sticking out of the snow. Someone even asked me if I did it that way to show off! :
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I have skied almost 40 years, tried snowboarding last season.

Here is an excerpt of an email to my board instructor from a lift line crash last season.

Names edited to protect the innocent!

Well the temp dropped pretty quickly, not a lot--just enough. By the time I changed to ski's and joined them, L and R( on boards) the conditions had gone from soft wet to impossible crap.

R lasted one run, the others 2. I had trouble skiing in the stuff but wanted to see what it was like on a board. I think that if you want to ski, you have to be able to ski in any condition the hill offers up. Think the same applies to boarding. Just had to go find out for myself.

L thought I was nuts.

Managed 2 runs, conditions awful. Fast hard and very lumpy-wish I had headphones. Last run I fell right under the lift, got some very imaginative comments from the areas finest young adults passing overhead. The best was "Are you normally a skier?" but I liked "Can we bring down that sled thing for you?" almost as well. Only casualty, other than pride was my patrol belt. It came off somehow, retrieved it and quit for the night.

Just had to try.

BTW I am a patroller.
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Matteo, here in Canada most runs under the chair are open to the public (at least where I'm skiing). There are a few fenced off, but those are the exception.
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Selection (f).... extremely stupid, should have been the correct answer.

Each weekend I witness poles and skis (usually from the rental shop) dropped from the chair............. take note at the ammount of litter and unclaimed heavy junk.

Kids will usually wait (they percieve you as a moving target), to clack their skis together to get rid of unwanted snow.

The worst weekend was when Poland Spring was giving out free water. People would finish half the bottle and just drop it..... The Dannon yogurt freebie........

Some of that stuff could kill you...... OK, a yogurt in the face might be funny but....

I'm the first one under the chair if there's no one on it but I never let anyone pass above me.......
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The best bumps that are the most confused are always under the chairlift. I hear the hootin and hollerin for two circumstances. One being a snowboarder has just laid me out like Charlie Brown or I am ripping the zipper line on telemark gear.
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Yepp, Tudor, here too, with exceptions...
Don't know why but I end up always in places
where it's forbidden...
Must be something subliminal
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Yuki is right about the kids and their parents hitting their skis together. I don't know how many times I've scolded people for that while at work. Then you get those ones that come bombing by a Sit-Skier in "total control". Yahda-Yahda-Yahda. I had a group from Korea and they were very good skiers. So after a few hours of groomers I ask them if they would like to do some Glade skiing in the trees. I found out that it is forbidden to tree ski. So off to the Race Course we went.
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I was at Big Tupper-Tupper Lake NY.
Cool place to ski.
Lifts are the slowest around.
The atmosphere is the best though.
I had been scoping out this line under the chairlift. It was considered outta bounds, but what could they do? take my ticket?
I approached the fence leaned back and popped off my tails, cleared the fence and dove into some nice pow. A few small drops off the rocks and I was out. I don't think anyone saw me though.
I hate riding the lift, seeing some gnarly outta bounds stuff just full of untracked snow and just asking for it!!!
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