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Volkl G4 Length ???

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Ihave been using a pair of Volkl G41's legnth 188. I weigh 205# and stand 5'9". My ability level is an honest 7/8. My ski day is roughly 60% off-piste with the groomer situation varying between small to medium bumps, steeps and high speed cruising. I want to do more glade skiing on my off-piste time.

I very much like the feel and stability of the G 41's and I am well indoctrinated in the Volkl Vertigo line of ski behavior (I also own a pair of G30's 188's). I am interested in how much float and stability I may be giving up in exchange for some added nimbleness if I get a pair of G4's in 178 legnth. Oddly enough, whenever I tried to demo this legnth, there were none available but I have an opportunity to get some 2003's in the 178 legnth for a decent price. Thanks
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Where do you ski?
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I think you would be ok. I am 20lbs. lighter than you and I had a great day on the 178's at Mary Jane. 8" new over hard bumps.
They skied the bumps well, were really nice in the trees and I was very suprised how well they held an edge on the hard stuff late in the day.
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You may also want to look at the 724PRO in 177. You should do well on a 177cm ski, don't worry.
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Everyone, thanks for the input!! Epic, I ski in the west--mostly Utah, but also Whistler Blackcomb and locally in Arizona.
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Get a 180 Explosive and see what you have been missing with a sub-90-mm waist.
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