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Child bindings and women's skis?

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Hey all,

So, at the end of last season I went to my local extremely well-respected bootfitter and came away with a delightfully discounted pair of junior race boots, size 21.5 -- and later discovered that they have child-norm soles.


I'm a bit at a loss for what to do now.  I don't know a thing about child bindings -- are they in any way incompatible with adult skis?  I usually use a DIN of 5, so there are plenty of bindings to work with that, but some people on the internet claim that there's a screw-length difference and I have no idea if that's legit or if they're just trying to upsell to parents.  If child bindings are only compatible with child/junior skis, do badass mid-fat junior skis even exist?  Do I call the whole thing a big mistake and go find a different pair of junior race boots that work with adult bindings, assuming those exist?




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- bad-ass mid-fat junior skis usually have adult norm bindings.

- boots over approx. 22.5 usually have adult norm soles, even though they're the same model as the child norm smaller models.

- most bindings, even though they're called junior, that go higher than DIN 4 are designed for adult norm soles.


All this is a constant headache for parents of junior racers who have small feet but race bindings..... and for small/light ladies who want a performance fit.


So what are the options?


Look/Rossi/Dynastar Nova/NX style (e.g. Team 7) bindings have a converter kit for C-norm soles. Costs extra, but works well (higher AFD and higher heel pad).


I hear that Marker have an equivalent kit for the lighter Comp bindings, but have also heard that there's still too much slop.


Head/Tyrolia/Fischer bindings with diagonal toe (e.g. Freeflex) just work. May sound odd, but I know of many kids who raced 2-3 seasons on Lange Comp Team 60s with C-norm soles in Fischer Z11s/FR11s. This works even better if you get your boots shimmed (and anecdotal evidence suggests that Tecnicas need it for an acceptable fit, whereas the Langes don't).


The Head/Tyrolia SL70AC (assuming there's still a current model) has an adjustment slider under the toe to switch between A- and C-norm.


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 A Jr RACE 3-10 binding is usually the same as an Adult counterpart with a 3-10 with just a graphics change. There are probably dozens of 3-10 bindings on Skibay that you can pick up cheap, most any will do. 

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Thanks!  That's incredibly helpful. 


So do you know if using a child-norm converter kits is compatible with wide brakes?

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