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what does skiing mean to you?

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What does skiing mean to you? Why do you embrace it with the zeal that you do year after year? Is it the scenery?...the trave?l...the 'getting in touch with nature?....the partying?....the demands/problem solving of each new run...?  what?...please share.


even when I was in my early teens growing up in Toronto and visiting Blue Mtn, I was always so moved by the romantic images of skiing: the travel involved, my admiration of those backcountry 'grizzly adams'-like dudes...of the majestic scenery that is so awe inspiring.


My first real 'taste' of skiing was at Mont Sutton (1.5 hr SE of Montreal...called 'the eastern townships' near the Vermont border)...went on a university ski trip in '86 (?)...tons of glade (tree) skiing...fell deeply in love with all those romantic images we have of skiing; and that mythical quebecois ambiance sure helped kick things wayyy up a few notches.


I only got back into skiing with my ex girlfriend after a 20 yr hiatus just 3 yrs ago....and after a really bad bustup (we broke up the next year), I found skiing to be such a wonderful distraction as well as healing and empowering... when you're going down a demanding run afterall you'd best leave your emotional woes on the shelf for that later apres hr, otherwise you'll crash and burn if your attention is not in the 'here and now' (mindfulness meditation applied to the slopes I guess)....so I often refer to it as my therapy in motion.


and despite having my ass kicked the first yr back (first time on ungroomed with big dumps resulting in 1 fractured rib, and then another rib actually broken, all while experiencing 'real sking' up a whistler) I am so endeared to the sport and what it offers...hope to really get out there and taste a few new resorts each year (man we're so blessed here in N.America)

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It's simple really...that's it ...Skiing is Simple..

It lets me remember what life should really be…simple.  I work 80% of the day to enjoy 20% of the day, and skiing is the one thing that breaks me free of that routine. Skiing is my “Happy Place”, if I have a bad day or if I’m too stressed I go to skiing. Whether it be hitting the mountain for a weekend or popping in a TGR flick in July. Skiing soothes my inner beast. I don’t mean that in a joking manner, I’m a very hot headed person and before I picked up skiing my temper was hard to control. The skiing lifestyle has relaxed me, it makes going to work easy, and smiles are just a thought of a powder day away. It is the reason why I’m with my wife and the biggest influence on our lifestyle together. It drives us towards a healthier lifestyle both physically and emotionally. Skiing makes life simple and simplicity is bliss.

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