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Poll Results: Do you take vitamins?

  • 9% (4)
    Yes, and I am under 40
  • 52% (22)
    Yes, and I am over 40
  • 7% (3)
    No, and I am under 40
  • 28% (12)
    No, and I am over 40
  • 2% (1)
    Flawed, like most polls, this poll is flawed!
42 Total Votes  
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This is the answer to a lot of aches and pains form getting older.


Bode Miller, Eric Schloppy, TJ lanning, and most of the alpine team use DR. Ongley. along with some of the mogul team as in the video.


for more go to the web site.

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I used to pretty much be a couch potato in the dry months and then hit the slopes with no issues during the winter. As I've gotten older, I realized that's not the best way to go about it after I missed out on entire ski season with an injury. Now I'm taking a multi-vitamin and I'm active during the non skiing months with hiking, biking, etc. It's help me transition right into skiing without being totally gassed after the first hour.
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I'm a couch potato during the non-ski months due to having way more migraines then.  I just start out slow, making no demands on myself, and build steadily and gradually.  I have a whole season to ski and there's no sense wrecking the whole season by starting out full bore anyway.  

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Originally Posted by crgildart View Post

Originally Posted by Stranger View Posts.  Our balance has a sad way of going south with age.  Test yourself; stand up, close your eyes and balance on one foot for 30 seconds, you probablly will not like the results. 


I want to die healthy.




Already noted.  I did some basic tumbling last year to discover that my internal gyroscope is way out of wack.  Also, it takes a bit longer to figure out which way is up when I crash while surfing. 

Keep up things like the basic tumbling and surfing.  Skate some of the good concrete near you.  Find a pump track in your area and rock that on the MTB.


Multi-vitamins don't work, unless you have a really distorted diet for some reason.  Eat some greens and  you're good.  If there's a specific area giving you problems, some types of targeted stretching may help.  A physically challenging yoga class can be a good cross-training supplement too. 


Edit:  at the skatepark, check out a lot of the middle-aged skaters.  They may not look honed, but are badly hurt surprisingly seldom.  You can't run it out skiing, or knee slide, but the general falling practice does carry over.

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3 times per week in my blender I put:

4 oz of milk
A banana or strawberries or both
1 Tbl of Nutritional yeast
8 tbl of natural vanilla whey

Twin Lab capsules popped opened of various minerals and vits, such as maganese, selenium, pantothenic acid, copper, iron, Vit D, sometimes folic acid or Vit A, (but usually get lots of that in food.)
Solgar bone meal with B-12
Vanilla extract
3/4 tbl of sugar

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These are areas I 'try' to train in. Although time, $$ and energy constraints don't always allow me to get em all in. But having the right formula is half the battle and I have them on my mind to not neglect.


Weight / strength training
Aerobics / HIIT / Fartlek
Balanced Nutrition / Natural Foods / Vitamin Supplements.
Balance / equilibrium training
Yoga / flexibility training
Speed training applied by body
Speed training applied by mechanical means
Height / altitude training
Pressure / depth training
Centrifugal training
Jump / Height / Plyometrics training
Breath Holding training
Lung expansion training
Ambidextrous training
Inversion training
Timing and Coordination training
Agility training
Stability training
Cold training
Mind training
Mind relaxation / meditation (zazen)
Proper Sleep


As we age we don't heal as well as we did when young. But as we decompose, we can work to slow the decomposition as much as we can...but it involves hard work!

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 I started taking systemic enzymes during the summer, and I have experienced a very noticeable reduction in joint pain, especially in my bad foot. I can actually run a little bit (ie, more than 20 steps) now, which had been too painful before.  Arthritis pain in a couple of my fingers (which wasn't bad, admittedly, but it was there) is totally gone. A friend's husband who has rheumatoid arthritis started taking it and he felt better within a WEEK ... as an ER doctor, he was very skeptical about it.

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Flawed poll!  Do you take supplements, mineral or vitamins.  I take Glucosamine at my doctors recommedation to keep up tSUBMIThe joint health while active, he recommends it for active people. 1500 mg a day

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