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What does a run tell us?

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Well, Ted Ligety looks to be in good form. As do the French. Hard to discern much else. Thought Hirscher looked good, too.

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Very, very close times for the top 6 - point one five; if you include Svindal in 7th and it was still less than 4 tenths margin.  Tight racing!


Fantastic results for Grange and Pallender in their post injury debuts.  So glad they're both back!  Next stop, Levi for these SL guns.


Richard (FRA) showed good poise - he is 31 now - let's hope he can ice one for his obvious years of hard work.  I'll be rootin'.  With 3 in the top 15, including one strong move-up,  the French came to play. Not convincing, but they came.


Benni put on a mastery clinic, but found out controlling the speed was very slow.... Hirscher was nasty but still a smidge over-anxious  (When does overly-excited become just sophomoric?) ... other Austrian boys in the hunt too.... AUT prep looks good.


Cuche - 36 yrs old?!  Are you kidding me? How dedicated is that guy?!  He won here convincingly last year - today 1+ off the mark?  Other SUI men not close to competitive form - Janka was watching himself - you won't see that very often from him.  


Svindal(stud), Jensrud(like water) and Ligety all looked really good on their new skis.  


It felt today Ted is about to take a step up from the field in GS.  Man, when he nails his timing, he's wicked.


Bode was Bode - and that's not a bad thing.  He did a good job feeling out the field's speed level 1st run today.


The other US men were disappointing if you have false expectations - I liked moments from Brandenburg.  Tough day for all of us who are Warner fans - and they only broadcast his bottom flat...


2 German boys showed up in the top 30?! - in GS - wow!  Training direction for GER is obviously good.  Felix showing he wants to play in 2 events...


Simoncelli showing good poise today.  Was curious to see if he would melt 2nd run....  the rest of the ITA boys were just OK or slightly off.


Gorza (SLO) just missed the top 20 starting from the 40's.  He impressed me with his smooth managing of a difficult snow surface. The SLO men seem ok even with Coach Planicek's defection to RUS.  Their green fury stadium band was a highlight.


The Canucks stunk up the joint, mustering no better than .7 from getting a second run.


The Swedish men don't own skis longer than 165.


Soelden is always ugly to watch. Yet somehow, it was really good.


The tight times at the top of the pack today maybe an indicator of a very exciting GS season to come.






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Yeah, Ted's run was pretty solid. To be honest I thought the French were a bit hit and miss, but obviously Cyprien Richard did well - was very impressed by their young girls on Saturday. Lots of big guns with mediocre runs on Sunday, but Jansrud and Svindal looked good. Jansrud was 0.15 off Richard and "always" puts in a stellar 2nd run - it was his for the taking! The Norwegians were bummed that the second run got cancelled.

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Originally Posted by whygimf View Post


The Swedish men don't own skis longer than 165.



 I do smile.gif


True though that we don't really have any strong GS Guy after Nyberg retired (at the age of 39)


One theory I have is that we have very few hills that are big enough for WC GS and above.

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When does overly-excited become just sophomoric?

Hey bud, we don't go for that intellectual s**t on this forum.


But this rings very true: "Soelden is always ugly to watch. Yet somehow, it was really good."


Seriously, though, good comments.

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