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Line Prophet 90 - What length

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I'm 5'11" and weigh about 170. I'm a very aggressive all mountain skier and I ski mostly out west, but not as often as Iike. The P90 seems a consensus pick to replace my old Atomics, but it's not clear what length. It seems either the 172 or 179s could work, but I'd like some advice given that I can only afford one ski and it has to work bumps and trees as well as bowls and chutes.



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I'm 5'9 and about 175 to 190 lbs depending on the time of year and bought the 186's. I bought them in a 186 because I have the blend in the 179 already. Haven't skied them yet but I think they'll be just fine and fast !!!! smile.gif  If I were you I would go with the 179. I think the 172 is just to short even though you want a tree and bump ski. Just my opinion.

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The 172 is way too short. It has lots of sidecut, is a twin, and is measures shorter than indicated, so skis short. 179 is as short as you should go.


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You absolutely do not want the 172, it's gonna be too short for you.  This thing has quite a big twin, and does ski short.  I've skied the 186 and it skis noticeably shorter than my 186 watea 94's (which have only a slightly raised tail, nothing close to a twin).

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yea like everyone said above got with the 179. its a twin tip so it will ski a lot shorter than a normal ski. also prophet 90's are fairly easy turning skis so they will do fine in the trees

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Ditto on the 179............

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Thanks. I found a local guy who skis these and everyone says the same thing. Great ski, skis short.

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Hi All, 
I am based in Australia, an advanced skier, 192 cm tall and 109 kg and generally ski 50% off piste, 50% on piste. I am currently skiing 176 cm 2009 Elan Magfire skis but don't really like them that much.
I am thinking of buying a pair of Line Prophet 90 Skis with Marker Griffon Bindings however I am a little confused as to what size skis and binding brake width to get.
Should I get the Prophet 90s in 179cm or 186cm skis?  I was initially thinking of getting the 179 cm skis however with the Prophet 90s, would it be worth while to go up to a 186 cm considering they are have a rocker and twin tip.
Also I am confused as to what brake width to get on the Griffon Bindings, 90mm or 110mm brake. Which ones are best suited for the Prophet 90s skis?
Thoughts anyone?
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At your size and skill level, 186cm without question.  90mm brakes are the right size, also.


Welcome to EpicSki.  Also, there's no need to post the same question in 3 different threads. wink.gif

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Ok Thanks...for the advice.


Sorry for the triple post... I wasn't sure if the question would get noticed on such old threads during the Northen hemisphere summer...but it did.


Thanks once again

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Have you actually skied the Prophet 90?  

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I have demoed the P98s, which i found a little wide for Australian conditions & the P86 which left me wanting a little bit more width in the slush and crud we have here.


I have never actually skied the P90s...but everyone raves about them here and it is generally the ski of choice for the Ski Patrolers  in OZ because it is so versitile.

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Bumping this rather than starting a new thread.

I posted elsewhere that'd I tentatively selected P90s in 172cm length based on my ski shop's suggestion. Much of what I read on this thread makes me wonder about that choice however since there seems to be general agreement that the P90s "ski short."

Speaking of which, I'm short but not small: 5'7" and 190 lbs. I keep in fairly decent but not great shape however, last year was the first time in nearly a decade that I spent a decent amount of time (10 days) back on skis. I've been renting skis in the 170 range - over the objections of the shops who for the most part, want me on 165's or shorter. The Elan RC's and Rossi Rocs in my basement are 190 or 195 though. As far as sking ability, I'm reasonably confident on most terrain except for the genuinely steep (stuff over maybe 45 degrees) - probably somewhere at or near mid-7 on the 1-9 scale. My goal is the same as last year: A few days here in typical eastern crud, hardpack and ice and a week (more if at all possible) out west.

With all this in mind, should I really be looking at the next longer (179) length rather than 172?
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I ski the 179s 5' 10". 205 lbs and I love that length. Wouldn't want to go longer in the bumps and shorter would just beat me up.
I would rather be a little longer then a little short you will adjust
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I think you can do fine using both 179 or 172, it will really depend on what you like... if you don't mind a little time of getting used to go 179, hard to believe it's going to be too long. I think the risk is much bigger for the 172 being short...


What kinda skis have you been renting in the 170 range?

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 What kinda skis have you been renting in the 170 range?

Last year I skied a pair of Salomon Enduros (maybe RX800) for a week at Big Sky/Moonlight that were 168cm. They were actually pretty fun skis and reasonably versatile - I was there with my ski club and was constantly switching between groomed trails, glades and fairly steep ungroomed runs, depending on who I was skiing with. They were less fun at higher speeds, which I attributed to their length, perhaps incorrectly (one of the guys had an app on his iPhone had us topped out at 46mph, so we were not ever going really fast). Had a pair of Atomics in VT, I think they were Panics and maybe 173cm. Different kind of skiing than MT and difficult to compare the skis since snow conditions were so different but I was pretty comfortable on the Atomics at speed. Maybe it's just mental thing?

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