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New Skis for my girlfriend

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So my girlfriend is looking for some new skis for the season but she and I don't know much about whats out there for girls. She is an intermediate skier but she is pretty timid on the slopes and gets afraid when she goes too fast, but not a bad skier. We live in New England so she is going to be doing only east coast skiing, so mostly groomers and the few small pow days that we all hope for over here. She is a pretty small girl at 5'2" about 105 lbs.  If anyone has any recommendations that would be great. I think something soft and easier to ski would be better for her because she is so small and probably can't handle a real stiff ski.  I was looking around and I thought the Salomon Lady would be a good ski at 153 cm.  Or the K2 lotta luv. She isn't doing an park so we don't need to worry about that. What she wants is a good ski, something easy to ski, but also something that she can keep for years and improve her skiing and confidence on. Any suggestions would help!
Also, I just bought new bindings for myself Tryolia Peak 12 and by mistake I bought 2 sets. I was going to just send one set back but because they are pretty descent relatively cheap but safe bindings I was just going to use the other pair for her. I didn't know if bindings were different for men and women and if she could use the tryolias. Can she?
Thanks everyone!
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went through the same thing a couple of years ago.  my gf is 5'4" and about 110lbs.  The ski tech that we were working with set her up with pair of twin tips so she could smear turns easier while she is learning, a length of about 150 cm and a waist of 83mm (a little wider than beginner, but we live in the PNW where the grooming is poor and the snow is plentiful and heavy).  She's taken them from groomers only to now some more off piste stuff.  The Solomon Lady's look like a pretty good ski.  The Solomon Vamp ( i think it replaced the mynx) may be a good bet too, especially because it looks to be about $200 cheaper (found some online for $350).  Similar specs, but with no tip rocker.  The Vamp may also be a little softer being that it's a park ski. Just mount it back from boot center for an all mountain feel.  The other way you could go is a true groomer ski with something in the low to mid 70mm at the waist.  


The bindings should be fine.  I steep-and-cheaped a pair of look px12's for her skis and they've worked fine.  Everyone has their favorites, but as long as the din can be set correctly for her skill/weight, any bindings bindings should be okay.


Good luck! 

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The Salomon Lady is a great ski. We have 4 pairs in our family (Wife, outlaw & nieces). One of the most versatile women ski out there. Very forgiving yet can kick it with the big boys. Can ski both east & west with the same ski. Good on both hard pack and soft snow. My wife won't take out her powder board out west until there is more than 12".       


153cm is a pretty good length.


There is no segregation between men & women when it comes to bindings. 

Just consider that most women racers ski in so call uni-sex skis, bindings, poles & boots.


Most of the time the pastel colors & floral pattern is all that differentiate women specific stuffs from their uni-sex counter parts. 

Target marketing - that what they call it.  

The reverse is also true - I know I won't buy a pastel pink ski with a wild floral pattern regardless. 

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