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Scottish gully skiing video

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Hey guys,


Here is a short video I made of a ski descent of Tower Gully on Scotland's highest peak Ben Nevis last June...





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Very nice, great to see the ascent as well as the descent and to see something like this that is not "extreme."


Thanks for posting it.

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Beautiful! I've never been prouder to be half Scottish.

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Nice!!!!  Makes me wish I WAS half Scottish.

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Nice Vid.  I wish I was Skiing!

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Wonderful, well done! 

How cold was that swimming hole?




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Great video. However, I don't understand why they didn't do the entire climb in hiking boots and wait until just before the descent to put on the ski boots.
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Nice job guys, it is even better  to be all Scottish!

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 I really enjoyed that OPS.  Thanks for posting it.  What are the stats for that tasty number (elevation, vert feet)?

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Hey guys, thanks for all the great feedback!! - Makes the time sat behind the computer editing all the more worthwhile knowing folks enjoyed it!!


To answer a couple of queries:


jeff2010:  Climbing in our ski boots meant we had next to nothing in our packs on the way up (or down) - big weight saving! - Personally on 40 degree ground like that it doesn't make that much different (yes hiking boots would be lighter on the feet, but the weight of carrying the ski boots on your back would cancel that out...


crgildart: Summit is at 1340m (give or take a few), and the gully comes out not far from this on the summit plateau. Depending where you start you are either at approx 100m asl or 300m asl, so 1250 or 1050m vert (4000 feet/ 3000feet...). Definitely a spring/summer ski as can be very high avvy risk in winter + monster cornice, but even earlier in the season you'll probably be walking the first 200m vert. The gully itself is probably 600m vert, starting high 30s, then lots of 40, the last 200m is exposed above a 50m cliff, and kicks up to steady 45 degrees, with the top 5m very dependant on the state of the cornice...

Lots more to do round there as well if you ever find yourself in the neighbourhood...!


4ster: cold!!

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Liked the video (and the soundtreck) and I'm not even 0.001% Scottish smile.gif


PS. Tremendously enjoyed Scotland, loved Edinburgh!





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I had no idea what Scotland had to offer in the way of skiing.  I love it!

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Oct 29, 2010




Saw this video in another thread here on Epic.  First, welcome to our Forum.  Secondly, enjoyed this video second time around as much as the first time.  You guys made it look easy and looked like you were having fun.  Steep and narrow.  Great job. Like someone else has already said: I feel like I'm part Scottish.


Think snow,



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Great vid, thanks for posting. Och aye.

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Originally Posted by 4ster View Post

Wonderful, well done! 

How cold was that swimming hole?




We're talking major shrinkage here

Nice vid and great skiing.

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Quite a few more videos on my Vimeo channel ... mostly from the Alps though...



Not long til winter now!

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I want to ski with you guys. Maybe above ground, though.

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