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It's pretty much impossible to comment without making sweeping (I almost said broad) and p-i generalities, but I think management did blow it. Women seem to respond very well to women-only support groups in things like this. The goal of the ski area ought to be the promotion of better learning and more enjoyment on the part of their customers. If their women customers *want* women-only instruction, smart management would provide it. If *I* were in ski area management, I'd try anything I could to encourage more participation from women.

My wife belongs to a women-only gym. She's not what you would call militant on the question of women's rights, she just prefers the lower level of testosterone in the environment. Less posturing, turf-marking, etc. She's also participated in a couple of women-only ski camps and loved them - partly for the instruction value but mostly for the camraderie (or should I say sisterhood?).

Off-Topic Caymus Story...

Wife and I and another couple were visiting Napa valley on Thanksgiving Day of 1989. Enough vineyards were open for tastings that we'd had a fun day, but by early afternoon most of them had closed. We happened on the funky (actually, it was kind of dumpy back then) little Caymus tasting room exactly at 2:00pm. We walked through the door *just* as they were trying to close. We were the only guests there.

Rather than boot us out, they invited us in, locked the door, sat and talked and brought us all kinds of wines to try, even brought out snacks. We stayed for two hours before we insisted that they should get rid of us and go to their family dinner.

We came away from that experience with an everlasting love of Caymus and 2 cases of the '87 cab they had just released (I'll have to check which one, as they have two or three versions, I think) . We still have a good share of it and it just keeps getting better.

Now *that's* customer service and smart management.


I just wish we could afford their cabs now.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Dr.GO:

You are corrrect, I am looking at the bottle righ here, I should have checked my spelling!

Yes the Caymus vinyard is right next to Silver Oak, my friend Justin Meyers is the owner. AND the Caymus vinyard is just behind the OPUS ONE fields. Off yountville bench road. DO you know where it is?

I may have spelled Yountville wrong could you check it for me?

Oh yes I almost forgot the other vineyard of note just there on the corner of 29 and the bench road is Nickels place Far Niente (I read the label this time to get it right) I think I 'll have this 84 later!

I had a Dolce last week end GREAT STUFF. I am down to my last bottle of that one. Of cousre it is so sweet you can not make a regular diet out of it, EH?

Dude...take a valium (or perhaps a glass of Dunn Howell Mtn. cab...one of my favorites), I was just tweaking you a bit.
If you're going to name drop and spell poorly at the same time, you might receive a little flamage.
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If you have any of that 87 left I will trade you for a 97!

I am not sure but I think the 87 is about $550 per.

Good stuff.

Interesting that four of the best cabs made in the USA are righ there at the crossroads of 29 and Yountville bench. Hmmmm I guess it must be the air?
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Gee, if men can only focus on one thing at a time, how come they keep changing this topic to talk about wine????? [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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Depends on which BRAIN we are listening to at the time!

---------- OR -----------------

Have Nolo tell you about Parallel Processing.

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I thought men were always thinking 'er I mean listening with their um, "other" brain! [img]tongue.gif[/img]

jk, but I couldn't resist!

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Serenity:
I thought men were always thinking 'er I mean listening with their um, "other" brain! [img]tongue.gif[/img]

jk, but I couldn't resist!

Thats the sprit, Serenity!

Hey LM lets hear that Whine again!
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I'd be curious to hear a real legal opinion on this one--where are all the attorneys when we need them? Gonz? SugarSnack? Anyone?

Since students are entitled to request any instructor they would like to ski with, or to request a female, or someone who speaks French, or whatever, I find it hard to believe that there would be a legal issue preventing "For Women Only" clinics taught by women. But I'd love to hear the opinions of the lawyers....

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Men, on the whole, seem to have trouble with multi-tasking. Are they Macs?!

I remember my brother stamping around muttering. Turned out he was waiting for the washing machine to finish so he could hang the clothes out (mother was away) and he had other things to do...

I enjoy being in a mixed group for skiing, but I also enjoy being in a womens group with a female instructor. Doesn't happen for me very often. The dynamic is quite different, more relaxed, especially for a worried woman. There isn't that fear that the group will want to attack overly challenging slopes. But if they do, it'll be in a supportive atmosphere...
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Although I think Women's Clinics are fantastic, it saddens me when I hear that some women will ONLY take a lesson from a female instructor. I made the mistake at a Women's ski spree of telling the story of the ski instructor from hell I once took a class from. The woman teaching the class made the comment that this was why women shoild only take classes from female instructors.

I disagree. Look at the talent we have right here. Can you imagine if a woman would not take class with someone like Bob Barnes, Todd, Jonathan, Rick H, or Kneale, Kee Tov {just to name a few} because they are male??? That would be a shame!

But the real problem is the fact that some women may have had a bad lesson from a male instructor. Read Frances' thread entitled "How Not to teach a Ski Class". Read the remarks on http://www.skilikeawoman.com

And sadly, read some of the comments on this forum about how understanding female anatomy is not important for a ski instructor. A guy who shows incompetance when teaching women, is going to give the rest of the good guys a bad name!
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I must say that I find the cacophony of this thread as it switches between wine and women to be quite entertaining. Now, if you could just combine the two (or Go or Peters could get me some of that fine wine up here in Whistler) we might have a real symphony!
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Now all we need is some song!
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I have had both male & female instructors. They have both said pretty much the same things (lean forward, face down the slope, weight on the downhill ski, lean forward, hands in front of you, lean forward*) - I'm probably not good enough yet for them to want to discuss anatomy with me.

However in a general stereotyping type of way I have noticed that men (particularly adolescent men) in ski school groups tend to force themselves to the front, to go too fast, to wish to be in a higher group than their technique recognises, to show off, to monopolise the instructor. They often seem not very keen on socialising with the rest of the group, particularly non-single women. Of course not all men are like that but I think I'd have a higher expectation of enjoyment if I knew I'd be in an all-woman group.

There are also some female stereotypical skiing things that you could complain about but personally I find them less irritating - there should be all male classes on offer as well for those who feel differently.
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Well, Si.

I've got to say that of all the threads in various forums I've seen over the years on "skiing-related" topics, one that centers on wine and women seems like an incredibly good idea.

The possibilities are endless.

Have fun up there in W/B. It's been snowing hard in Jackson, btw.


And Lisamarie... song would be an appropriate addition, but you definitely don't want to hear *me* singing.
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