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Many skiers hurting this year: hire your local skier/craftsman

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use this as a skier home products resourse (craftsmen post your contact information):


www.davidluriedesign.com and www.massageinstruments.com  


A person who takes pride in their skiing takes pride in their workmanship, it's just who they are.


mod: if this is spam, just delete it with my apology. I think of it as ski community helping itself.

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David, handsome work. Your use of figured woods to decorate traditional tansu design is quite elegant.

Well done.

PS: Nicest "spam" I have seen in a long time.

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I saw this last night, but had to leave to go see Deeper.  Great work Dave.  You are a great craftsman and artisan.  It bugs the hell out of me how many people don't care about the quality of their work.  I spend so much time working that if I didn't care about doing fine work that I could be proud of , my life would be a lot poorer for it.  Do you work alone or with a small crew?  Do you do your own finish work?  I've been a high end painting contractor for many years and your finishes are beautiful!  I build boats for fun when I can find time.  I consider myself a woodworker but not a skilled carpenter.  Those tenon joints can be a bear.  


You could rewrite your comment to read... A person who takes pride in their workmanship takes pride in their skiing, it's just who they are!


I wouldn't consider this spam.  You are 100% correct that we as skiers and Americans should be supporting each other better economically.  The use of cheap unskilled and undocumented labor seems like a bargain.  It's not.  IMO it's that and our desire for a large quantity of cheap poorly manufactured goods produced overseas vs. fewer numbers of high quality products that will last possibly for generations that have hamstrung us economically.  Artisans such as yourself are not as numerous as they used to be in this country and I find that sad.

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Oh, man. I'm making that soul connection jesture of your arm across your chest, touching your heart and tapping once. thanks for the thoughts, I relate to every one, and of course accept the compliments as a connection. I go back to do work for clients I had 30 years ago and the furniture looks better than the day I delivered it; they value it and care for it, it always makes me feel good to see.


I do my own finishing, used to have a spray booth. now I only deliver hand rubbed oil finish and sometimes hand brushed varnish (or send it out if the customer needs absolute water proof with mirror finish). I'm done poluting the world with super varnishes and lacquers. I work alone, drawings to delivery. I'm not much of a mover, being a tiny guy, but I like to be there to see the smiles.


correct on the fine point of value and investment. I take a piece of a tree, sure, but it will last for several generations, which saves the next five trees.


best to you. luck to all the skier craftsmen out there in our community and skiers around the country.

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