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atomic d2 vf 82

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Hi! i am looking  at the atomic d2 vf 82 ski for my husband.  He is an expert skier and loves to ski at top speed. Is this ski a good choice for him. We ski at Wildcat in the East.


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The Atomic D2 VF82 is a great ski. Best for technically accomplished skiers. Speed limit is way up there.


The D2 construction allows for a silky feel. You see the death cookie but don't feel the chatter, will hear the ski cutting thru the ice but no slip. Almost like the feel of fresh ice skates on smooth ice. Great for NE conditions.

The variable flex also permit me to sleep on them when I’m just drifting along and yet comes alive when I’m hauling it.


However, the ski is not very forgiving and a bit planky in the bumps but with a round and smooth turn in the bump, it is not an issue.

Demo a pair if possible - they tend to ski long.

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