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Dalbello VIRUS

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The owner of one of my local ski stores pointed these bad boys out today to me. Man these boots are EXTREMELY light in weight. I heard 60 oz. a boot.  Made for the AT/BC crowd no less. The colors used...  You couldn't miss seeing them that is for sure. The price... I'll bet they are about one the most expensive boots available. North of $700. Crazy advanced boot design with a bright green full rubber Vibram sole.There are four round pads (two front two rear) in that sole made of harder rubber so that they are DIN compatible????? They have clearly combined and narrowed the line between the Mountaineering boot and a ski boot.


  I would think we will begin to see much more of this type of thing as time goes on. I guess it depends how well these boots and others like them are received by boot buyers.


 This is really getting to be interesting in what manufactures are developing for the skiing industry. For the longest time we were stuck with basically the same offerings with only a color change to show a difference from year to year. The development in the skis, it seems has removed the log jamb in advancements. 


 Would I buy them?........ Don't know!......... Still looking, investigating and thinking.


I'd like to hear what others have to say about them.



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Oh the fit.


 Let me tell you my paws aren't easily packed in just any old ski boot. I have a problem fit, wide feet with big calves. Definitely not the freaking ballerina foot. I thought Dalbello only made that type of boot. I was wrong.


If you have the same foot as me, give them a look.  


These boots have a very comfortable heat set liner. With three clicks it has a real walking function like never seen in a ski boot before..


There is a video on You Tube which goes into detail about the boots function." Plake's Virus: A Laboratory Analysis....." Pretty cool!

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