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Boot shell glue?

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I have a pair of Scarpa Laser's and the previous owner stripped the threads holding the tech fitting into the heel. I've repaired it using epoxy to glue the screw in as on a ski binding. I would prefer to plug the hole with a solid plastic dowel glued in and re-drilled. Any info on a proper adhesive?

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mmm not used anything for the exact same purpose but wurth fix all may be the thing, it is a 2 part polyeurathane glue which we use for building up shells when there are air pockets or hollow lugs after routing boot sole back to DIN

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Devcon also make a urethane 2 part and there is also an etching primer available. 

devcon Flexane 80.  primer is FL-20 for plastics.  FL-10 will prime metals


same use as you CEM,  building up gaps mailnly in toe lugs.  other areas I generally weld.

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Thanks, you've given me some ideas. Not sure of the adhesive ability of the glues mentioned. Maybe I'm over thinking it. I have some old shells I'll experiment with . Maybe try Gorilla glue or the glue used for PVC pipe with the purple primer. I'll report back.

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