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New goals in skiing- Where do I go?

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Hey, I'm nineteen and I've been away from skiing for a few years now. I'm pretty sure I'm between a level four and five skiier- I'm pretty much done with the wedge, but I'm still not entirely comfortable with complete parallel skiing. Anyway, my family lives pretty close to a big resort, and my parents decided we should get season passes this year. Since I'm basically done growing now, they've going to get me my own boots, skis, and poles, and are giving me a lot of freedom when it comes to picking my equipment out.


Okay, now on to what I want to accomplish. In the next few years, I want to get to a point where I can ski any course on the mountain, as well as begin to feel comfortable (humbly!) riding around the terrain park. I'm 6'2'', athletic, and 225 lbs. What general guidelines would you suggest for me to get to where I want to go? Also, any advice on gear would be appreciated, but I'm not sure if this is the proper place to ask about that. Thanks for your input!

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Welcome to Epicski!


Honestly, just going out and skiing as much as you can (which is a lot easier with a season pass) will probably help you more than anything else.


Investing in a few lessons throughout the year might also pay big dividends at your level, especially if you can get a lot of mileage in between them.  A lot of mountains have some kind of discount on buying multiple lessons, or they will run some kind of multiweek program where you get a group lesson/clinic each week for 4-8 weeks at a massively discounted price.


There is also lots of good advice available on here and other sources on the web.  If you're brave enough to get some video of your skiing posted online, some people here will even dissect it for you.


In terms of gear... boots.  Really good boots that fit you perfectly.  This will make you much more comfortable on the slopes, and if you are in badly-fitted boots you will find it difficult or impossible to get better.  Skis don't matter as much unless they are grossly inappropriate for the terrain you're on.  (e.g. if you're skiing on groomed slopes, you might find it very difficult to improve your skills on 110mm powder boards.)


If you don't know what kind of skis you want, you should demo a few different things to get a feel for them -- AFTER you have your boots picked out.  If you want to buy something upfront rather than renting, but don't want to commit huge money, you could also buy used skis, or look for leftovers from last season.  Without knowing more about how/where you ski, it's hard to make specific recommendations.  If you're skiing mostly on groomed slopes, I would suggest something in the 70-80mm width range, and more on the medium/advanced end of the spectrum.  (Something like a Dynastar Contact, Fischer Progressor, Nordica FireArrow, etc.)  If you want to explore off-piste as well, you could go for something in the 80-90 range (like a Fischer Watea, Dynastar Legend, etc.)

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