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Tyrolia/Head Railflex mount question

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Please excuse the possibly dumb question but better to ask now than after the yardsale tumble. I've mounted just enough bindings to be dangerous and I'm getting ready to mount Head/Tyrolia LD 12's with the Railflex System II. It appears that each  plate is held ONTO the ski by two screws only while the OTHER two screws hold the small square plastic washers(?) and only keep the Railflex plate from moving laterally and do not actually hold the plate DOWN on the ski. Correct?

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Prepare to be lectured....

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No lecture here....


If the Railflex plates are new then the square plastic washers/grommets may still be attached to the plates. This is a good thing for mounting, as it provides the perfect template, but no biggie if they're not attached - they just need to line up in the middle of their slots.


When the screws are tightened down through those washers they do hold the plate down on the ski, but they also allow the plate to slide length-ways at the same time - the screwhead is wider than the washer/slot. Two fixed and two floating screws per plate-half.


Remember to leave a gap between the front and rear plate halves, or you'll lock them against each other and nullify the floating flex. 3-5mm is good.

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Squawker, excellent reply. My "dumb enough to be dangerous" statement was more accurate than I realized. I was siting in my office with the binding only and not looking at the hardware and you even answered the question I was too ignorant to ask. As I said to my brother when we set out to travel across our first  glacier ever, unroped, unguided and uninformed, "We might be so stupid, we don't even know we are being stupid" We ended up doing several really stupid things but thankfully God watches over children and fools. I am mounting on a relatively soft ski so the spacing advice is welcomed.

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For curiosity sake, what are you mounting them on?

I will be doing my first binding mount shortly. i had planned on placing my RF HD14 bindings on my daughters twinnies and using some Salomon Z12ti on my new Mantras but a bit of searching around here and TGR convinced me to do a swap. I'm up a pair of 115mm brakes as well so will be looking for some wider skis to mount some RF's eventually. There is a bloke who posts here who has them on his Dynastar Huge Troubles


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