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Collegiate Racer Tuning Setup

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I am living in the dorms so space is at a premium.  My space is about 6'x13'  and currently contains my bed, desk, 2 bikes, and a cabinet full of electronics.  So I am looking for a  compact  solution, but one that still works well enough for daily tuning (I am  on snow 6 days per week, so pretty much every night I have at least 1 pair of skis that needs work).   My budget is limited, looking to spend between $50 and $75, so the durable purpose built tuning benches are out.  I am not really concerned about portability, since our team has a portable bench for races, but I am worried  about  it being   durable,  having storage space,  and  not  sliding on  the  hard floor.  If anyone else is in a similar situation, what options have you found that work well?


As of now, I am probably leaning toward a diy table about 48" long by 12" deep with shelves underneath for my boots, and  tuning supplies.  Thinking of a laminate top with rubber pads on the legs.


With this design i have a few concerns:

is 12" deep wide enough? last year i just clamped my vices to my desk and ended up keeping all of my supplies on the floor while tuning and wasted a lot of time


where am i going to put it and my skis?

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A pic or two of your room would help come up with a solution.

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For the ski season my ski clothes will all be hung on the walls and some of the current items will have to be taken down, skis will probably be leaned against a wall somewhere, maybe behind my bikes or beside my chair.  Any thoughts?


Ive been thinking maybe I could just box my chair in and put a tuning bench perpendicular to my desk, but Im thinking I will find that to be a pita  when I actually have real work to do or have to get to the trunks of stuff under my bed. 

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You have too much crap! 


Other than that I have a couple of recommendations/thoughts.


Once the seasons change and skiing starts, can you put your warm weather gear like the bikes in storage?  Or maybe take them apart somewhat and store them under you bed?


Can you add shelving to the walls?  Nothing special.  Just the wire closet organizer things you can get at home depot.  If you can, add them where ever you can; over your bed, in your closet.  This will free up much needed space.  You seem to be storing everything horizontally and you need to go vertical.


As for a tuning bench, since it sounds like you have all the tools, all you need is a place to hook you vises to hold your skis while working on them and have your tools conveniently located to where you are working.  I would consider getting a 2 x 10 about 5 or 6 feet long (depends on how far your vises need to be apart), use quick clamps to mount it to the end of you desk (where the lamp and shoes are) and when you're done, un-clamp it and put it away.  You can leave the vises attached.  Since the lumber will only cost a few bucks if you can't get it for free,have more money to spend on a tool box with compartments.  You should be able to locate that on the desk or the chair.


To deal with scraped wax I would put down a small tarp or sheet of plastic.


Hope it helps,


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I have a new model bench that is sturdy, has a small footprint, folds easily and is within your price range. It is so new I don't have a picture and it is not on my site. I should be able to post it by the weekend though.
More later.
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