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I know I can't really compete with the awesome pics from Europe, but I figured I would share some pictures from my trip last weekend up to the Jewel Glacier in the Chugach State Park in the hunt for the first pow turns of the season.


It took about 2 and a half hours to hike/skin up to the to top of the glacier, and when we got to the top of the glacier the weather started moving in.  Visibility quickly reduced to almost nothing as snow and clouds engulfed the glacier and surrounding mountains.  One run of approximately 800 ft was all we could get with the poor weather, but it was totally worth it for about 10 inches of fresh AK pow.


View from the top of the glacier.  The line I took heads to the left.



Summit Mountain out of the clouds for a second.



Heading back down the pass.



All smiles at the end of the day!  




All and all it was a great training day and the work was worth it for the first turns of the season.  Stay tuned for more trip reports from AK and CO!  Cheers, BP.