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Hello all,

 I have been reading posts on this site for a little while and just decided to join because I have some questions myself. So I am thinking it is about time I get some Skis of my own. I have been renting ever since I started back when I was 9 years old, I am now 18.


 I am 6'1'', 155-160lbs and in good shape. I like to ski many types of snow, powder, groomers, some park, trees, and I am open to pretty much anything else. last year I headed to Breckenridge and rented a pair of Armada Ar6's and liked them more then the regular renters. But when I took them to the bigger moguls, chop, powder and tree runs I felt that the just didn't have good float and didn't catch the turn well. 


 I am looking at twin tips, I love skiing switch. I have looked at Line, Armada, Volkl, K2, and Icelantic. I can't make a decision on a specific ski that would suit me best (probably some sort of all-mountain/freestyle twin tip). 


 Recommendations for skis including height would be greatly appreciated! Or any input you have. I am not very aware of places to buy skis, type of bindings and boots either so any help there would be awesome.


 Budget for just the skis are anywhere from 300-600, or maybe pretty flexible...Not sure on the prices of other components. Thanks again for all help! Sorry for all the noob questions, this is my first experience with purchasing gear and I don't want to make any mistakes!!