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Help with one ski quiver!

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Hey guy's need some help out there,


Looking to finally buy my own gear, learned to ski out east as a kid, but continue to take big trips out west every year, (utah, co, bc, ca) as well as continue to ski the smaller eastern spots.  Every year I have demo'd and skiied k2 apaches out west and liked them but i don't know anything else.  I'm 25 years old, great shape 6"4 235, play sports for a living, and would consider myself a type 3 skiier.  I like skiing everything the big mountains out west have to offer, groomers, tree skiing, bowls, pow, moguls, no park though.  Living out east i doubt i'll ever be able to get into backcountry skiing.  Anyways i'm looking for suggestions on what to purchase for a one ski quiver, i've researched so many companies and ski's and want to get a another source.  Just looking for something that can handle everything, groomers, tree's, bowls, pow, and bumps and is a high performance ski. Don't really care how it performs out east as long as its manageable. (If such a ski exists) I was also wondering if anybody knew a ski that was better suited for a taller bigger guy.


One more things, advice on bindings? and does anybody know where i can find boots in a 33, untracked.com is the only place i could find and they only offer one boot which is a head.


Any insight is appreciated, Thanks a bunch


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Focus on the boots first.  And most would recommend you pick those up in a store so you can try them on and have a professional fit them to you.  I would question weather you actually needed a 33 boot anyway.  I'm 6'5" and I wear a 29.0.  Bootfitters at good ski shops have little tricks so they know for sure you are getting the correct size, not like you may end up with in a rental shop.  I'd venture to say you'll be surprised at how snugly a proper fitting boot will actually be.  But it will make the biggest difference in you're skiing as well.


Do you have a price range you are trying to stay in for all the equipment?  What's your ski/binding budget specifically?

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looking to buy solid equipment that will last a while! price is very flexible

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First, I'd say congrats on your high level of accomplishment on basically rental gear. Second, on the boot, maybe you need a 33 and maybe you don't. We have two guys that are your size working in our store. One skis a 29.5 the other a 30.5 or 31.0 depending on the boot. So....as I said you may need a boot that large but the chances are very very good that you don't. You won't get much accuracy in boot suggestions over the internet. It is best to seek out qualified help on the boots.


Third.....on the ski thing......here is a link to a thread with mini reviews of several very good skis. You should browse this a little to get some ideas. Among that group, I would probably suggest the Salomon Sentinel or the Dynastar Sultan 94, but there are a great many very good skis mentioned. You would be looking in the 184-191 range.





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You have 15 lbs on me but if you were to remove bumps from your wish list then the Volkl Mantra would be worth looking at. Very versatile particularly for a big guy.

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