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Bending Marker Brakes

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I have a pair of Marker 12.0 Free Ride Bindings that are probably 5 or so years old mounted on a pair of Volant FB's. I believe the waist on the FB's is 94 mm.


Do you think a shop could bend these brakes out for a remount on a 132 mm waisted ski?  The 130 Marker breaks are like $65 I think and I don't know if they are even compatible with the 12.0 BINDING.


Probably will have to pay $75 for the mount since the skis were not purchased at the shop so if all possible wanted to use the existing breaks on the current Markers. Wondered how much you can bend a brake ???

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I used the seatpost method in the attached link to bend some Jester brakes recently.  The main difference from the video is that the bindings were not mounted on the ski so I did not have as much leverage as shown.  It was not particularly difficult but I was only trying to bend 110mm brakes for a 116mm ski and saved me $50. 


These might work if your willing to part with $40 or $45:

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Thanks 2meke. Didn't expect my answer to be sent from all the way from Oz! Appreciate it!

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Freak out! Answer from Aotearoa not Australia.

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Originally Posted by 2meke View Post

Freak out! Answer from Aotearoa not Australia.

Come on 2meke, we both know roundturns is right !

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$75 for a binding mount ? - Yikes !  If you have a REI in your area, it's only $30 if you purchased nothing from them, $15 if you purchased one item, free if you purchased skis and bindings.  I just happen to have great techs at my local REI and they did a terrific job mounting 2 pairs of skis this past week for $15 each.  

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For $75 you should get a mount and a full tune.

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Maybe the price charged will be less than $75, but a couple of years ago a shop I took a ski and binding to wanted to charge me that and the binding tech did the job later and didn't charge me. I tipped him $20 .


The ski shop business as has been discussed on this forum is a tough business and nothing rubs salt in the wound worse than somebody coming in with product needing service that wasn't purchased at that shop. In my case this time, what I'm going to get mounted is a BlueHouse ski that this particular shop does not carry anything remotely in this ski's category.


I don't expect any favors again and if the cost to mount the binding and bend the brake to fit is $50-$75 range I think that's fair for the shop to charge. 

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