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epic on an iPhone

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Very hard to read, font is very small and if you zoom in on it it goes off the right of the screen, so you need to constantly be panning around to read the first half of a line, then the second.


As the world is moving to mobile devices and the computer is becoming replaced by mobile devices I think this is important to the site.  I have my subscriptions bookmarked on the iPhone to keep up on things.


I imagine this is related to the, in Walt's words, "ridiculously wide post" issue. 

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SMJ - you are right. It's so bad it's really not even usable on an iPhone. Obviously Huddler has a lot going on, but I think this will have to be addressed. As print mags seem to be going away, EpicSki is going to become a reference for consumers. Maybe it already is, I hear it in conversation in shops more and more. To take it mobile with an App makes a lot of sense since people can no longer bring their SkiPress reviews or whatever when they go shopping.

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