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Boot Quiver?

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So we have different boots for AT set ups and special boots for racing.  Up until a couple of years ago I only owned one pair of boots at a time that I modified to suit my needs and taste to use til they broke.  After a 10 year hiatus I discovered my long loved Nordica Turbos were cracked so I trolled for a replacement. I scored a pair of new old stock Langes (pretty old, like 80s old) that fit well and work well.  But since they were old I kept looking and came across a pair of Rossi race boots.  Those fit a lot more snugly and I used them for a full season.  But, I've always preferred my boots loose when skiing everything but gates.  These boots are probably the most uncomfortable boots I've ever owned , but feel great when actually skiing.  They feel too tight when riding the lift, walking, or just standing in lift lines so two years ago I decided to use the Langes instead since I rarely run gates. 


Through playing around with the boots I discovered that when I swap liners the Lange boots hurt and the Rossis feel better, but not quite as good as the Lange boots with Lange liners.  Aware that the Langes are bound to fail sometime in the not too distant future I had the plan to more the liners to the Rossi shells.  But I recently got a good lead on some different liners to try in the Rossis too.


So, I've been thinking about going with two sets of boots if the new liners for the Rossis work out


Softer Lange boots for:

Bump skis

Powder skis

Park skis



Stifffer Rossi boots for:

SL skis

GS skis

Carving skis


Of course as soon as I start doing this  and liking it the Langes will probably finally break


Other than AT and tele set ups.  Who else has vastly different ski boots for different types of skiing?

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Do Navas count?

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Originally Posted by comprex View Post


Do Navas count?

I hope not because then Vans would also count:






Fourth row back, left side is the fleece lined winter version.  I doubt I'd really try anything else in the snow.

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