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Another what should I do thread

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Im sure this is a question that you all hate, but I cant seem to figure out a search function here so here ya go.


Im looking at buying some cross country skis and have tried both Classic and skate, Skate is alot of fun, but seems limited to groomed or crusted snow.  We have some amazing groomed trails around here in the winter, but I dont know if you can do both or not on the twin track type grooming.  I have tried skate skiing and I like it better but I want something I can do on the trails around here(the vasa Trail in traverse city michigan)


Im looking for a cheap(150max)  Skate ski that is good for a beginner who isnt really planning on racing or anything just something to do in the winter.  I think I need 187 Length skis(150LBS)  Decent bindings and boots.  Trying not to spend more than 400 bucks if possible.   I looked at some fisher boots and skis today, that would have been 375 and then some 70 dollar bindings.  so thats where im looking but I dont know anything about them and its not as easy as the Cycling industry to get info so Im hoping you all can give me some info, One being which way to go and Two some recommendations.





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Well Brad, if you are staying on groomed trails you can use either a skate or classic ski. If you want to get off the groomed trails, only a classic ski will work. I pretty much have always bought used or on sale equipment and I'll bet there are some good deals near you for both types. When it comes to used classic skis, you should be able to find skis, boots and poles for less than $100. I bought my last classic skis and bindings for $20! That would leave you a lot of money for a used skate set up. Go some shops  just to look around and try on some boots. Ask what ski would be good for you. You'll learn a lot and get a good idea of what to look for.


Craigslist is your friend







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