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Taos Ski Week - 2011

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Some of the best instruction I've ever had, and the mountain that advanced me so quick, was at Taos. So, I'm intrigued by the Ski Week lessons that Taos offers. It seems like a really great bargain! What are your experiences with it, and is anybody planning on going this upcoming season? I'm thinking that perhaps I should plan on February for more reliable conditions.

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The ski week is a Taos institution. Lots of fun. Made me a much much much better skier.

Been doing it since late 80's. Best bang for the buck. They have the set up, staff & terrain to kick it up a notch - quite a few notches.


Anytime of the year is ok. If you are working on technical - all you need is the lower front face.

Many people do a week in early Dec to tune up their skiing.

Check out the low season rate - $99 this year. Used to be free in January. 


You get a free vest with 10 week and a free book on 15.

But it's what you take away and keep with you that's priceless.


I'll there for 4 weeks start 1/7 (Last stop of a 7 wk road trip) and President week (15 yrs old son). 

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The ski week Taos offers is one of the best ways to improve your skiing in my opinion.  Not only do you have six days of instruction, but it is from the same instructor and I think the consistency makes a big difference.  Last past March (2010) was the second time I have been able to do a ski week and the third time I've spent a week at Taos.  I should have done a ski week the first time I went to Taos, but I didn't know about it at the time.  If you're there for a week and plan on taking lessons, you cannot go wrong with a ski week in my opinion.  And, when you consider how much quality instruction you get, it's a real bargain.  Another thing I like about the ski week is you really get to know your group and instructor pretty well.  You also get to see a whole lot of the mountain.  I don't think we skied a whole lot of runs more than once, unless they on the way to another run we hadn't skied yet.  I think that's pretty impressive given that Taos isn't exactly a huge mountain. 


For somebody that doesn't get to ski nearly as much as I would like (if I get more than 6 days on the snow it's been a really good year), I would say the ski week is invaluable because I don't have a lot of time to form bad habits.  If I had to peg one thing that has really helped my skiing it's the ski weeks I've taken at Taos.  I recommend them to anybody and everybody I know that is going up there for a week.


I'm hoping to get a long weekend in Taos this season, but I'm not for sure it's going to happen.  I'd love to do another ski week, but it's not in the cards this season. 

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Did it two years ago and it was great. I had an excellent group of skiers and a fantastic instructor, lots of fun and it definitely made a huge difference in my skiing.


If you go during January, consider that due to the low price the groups are usually larger. 6-7 people per group in January, 3-4 during the rest of the season.


And since you are going to have the afternoons off, ski with some bears. There's always quite a few of us there every week.

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I've done them too and they are great for your skiing.  I learned so much about why I have the trouble I have on the slopes sometimes.   And I have corrected some things.  King Grump appears to know what he is talking about.  smile.gif

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Taos usually hold ski-week classes to 7 max. I have had classes of 3 in January quite a bit – especially when it’s all family members – we are the undesirables. Skiers do swap in & out of groups quite a bit in the first two or three days. In terms of the technical aspect of skiing, most Taos instructor will try to refine what you already have rather than try to rebuild you from scratch. I’ve been told more than once that I’m too old of a dog to be learning all new tricks. My ski-weeks feel more like privates rather than group lesson even when the class sizes were 6 or 7 (very few occurrences). For me, most of the instruction times occur during the lift rides – very minor tweaks rather than wholesale rebuilds. That said, I find the larger groups to be more fun – better synergy. January brings out the locals for ski-week. Interesting skiers makes for interesting & fun classes. Whether large or small classes – it’s all good.
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I did 2 ski weeks last season.  I will do at least 1 this season, most likely in January when friends come to visit and ski.  Nothing like them.  Fun, meet some great people, and the instruction is always outstanding.  Ski weeks are the best way I know to develop the skills for steep bumps and trees, which is required to fully enjoy skiing at TSV. 

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Great input, everyone! Now you got me stoked! I will definitely do at least one ski week this season, then. Can't wait!


This is especially good, as I usually travel and ski alone, as my friends suck and usually can't (won't) ever go with me. That's been a mixed blessing, though. It's given me the chance to purely focus on my skiing and take boat-loads of lessons every trip. biggrin.gif

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Surprised no one mentioned the food. I've never done a ski week but I got to eat lunch with one once. MMM MMM good!
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Originally Posted by Mom View Post

Surprised no one mentioned the food. I've never done a ski week but I got to eat lunch with one once. MMM MMM good!

The food at St. B is awsome. Thanks to Jean.

But don't have to stay at St. B to be in ski-week. 

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I'm hoping to do the "race" week in Jan.  Hopefully with a friend or two, but if they bail I'd be interested to know if anyone else was looking at this week and maybe share accomodations.

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I'll be there week of 1/9. Unfortunately we already have a full house.

Would love to make a few runs with you.  

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